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100 cryptocurrencies described in 4 words

This list describes 100 cryptocurrencies in 4 words or less. This is not any investment advice whatsoever. Some of these cryptocurrencies might be scams, some might be gold.

Easy as pie.

Name Symbol Description
Bitcoin BTC Digital gold
Ethereum ETH Programmable contracts and money
Bitcoin Cash BCH Bitcoin Clone
Ripple XRP Enterprise payment settlement network
Moreno XMR Private digital cash
Litecoin LTC Faster bitcoin
Dash Dash Privacy-focused bitcoin clone
NEO NEO Chinese market Ethereum
NEM XEM Batteries-included digital assets
Ethereum Classic ETC Ethereum Clone
IOTA MIOTA Internet of things Payments
Qtum QTUM Ethereum contracts on Bitcoin
OmiseGO OMG Banking, remittance, and exchange
Zcash ZEC Private digital cash
Lisk LSK Decentralized applications in JavaScript
Cardano ADA Layered currency and contracts
Tether USDT Price = 1 USD
Stellar Lumens XLM XLM  Digital IOUs
EOS EOS Decentralized applications on WebAssembly
Hshare HSR Blockchain switchboard
Waves WAVES Decentralized exchange and crowdfunding
Stratis STRAT Decentralized applications in C#
Komodo KMD Decentralized ICOs
Ark ARK Blockchain switchboard
Electroneum ETN Monero clone
Bytecoin BCN Privacy-focused cryptocurrency
Steem STEEM Reddit with money voting
Ardor ARDR Blockchain for spawning blockchains
Binance Coin BNB Pay Binance exchange fees
Augur REP Decentralized prediction market
Populous PPT Invoice trading futures
Decred DCR Bitcoin with alternative governance
Tenx PAY Cryptocurrency credit card
MaidSafeCoin MAID Rent disk space
BitcoinDark BTCD Zcoin clone
Bitshares BTS Decentralized exchange
Golem GNT Rent other people’s computers
PIVX PIVX Inflationary Dash clone
GAS GAS Pay fees on Neo
Tron TRX In-app-purchases
Vertcoin VTC Bitcoin clone
MonaCoin MONA Japanese Dogecoin
Factom FCT Decentralized record keeping
Basic Attention Token BAT Decentralized ad network
SALT lending SALT Cryptocurrency-backed loans
Kyber network KCN Decentralized exchange
Dogecoin DOGE Serious meme bitcoin clone
DigixDAO DGD Organisation manages tokenized gold
Veritaseum VERI Vaporware
Walton WTC IoT Blockchain
Singular DTV SNGLS Decentralized Netflix
Bytom BTM Physical assets as tokens
Byteball Bytes GBYTE Decentralized database and currency
GameCredits GAME Video game currency
Metaverse ETP ETP Chinese Ethereum plus identity
GXshares GXS Decentralized Chinese Equifax
Syscoin SYS Decentralized marketplace
SiaCoin SC Rent disk space
Status SNT Decentralized application browser
0X ZRX Decentralized exchange
Verge XVG Privacy Dogecoin
Lykke LKK Digital asset exchange
Civic CVC Identity and Authentication App
Blocknet BLOCK Decentralized exchange
Metal MTL Payments with rewards program
Iconomi ICN Digital asset investment funds
Aeternity AE Decentralized apps (prototype)
Digibyte DGB Coin for gaming
Bancor BNT Token Index Funds
Ripio Credit RCN Co-signed Cryptocurrency Loans
ATMChain ATM Advertising network
Gnosis GNO Decentralized prediction market
VeChain VEN  Supply chain item IDs
Pura PURA Cryptocurrency
Particl PART Privacy marketplace and chat
KuCoin Shares KCS Profit-sharing exchange fees
Ethos Ethos Mint for cryptocurrency investments
FunFair FUN Decentralized casino
ChainLink LINK External data for contracts
Power Ledger POWR Airbnb for electricity
Nxt NXT Cryptocurrency and marketplace
Monaco MCO Cryptocurrency credit card
Cryptonex CNX Zerocoin clone
MCAP MCAP Mining investment fund
Storj STORJ Rent disk space
ZenCash ZEN Privacy-focused Bitcoin clone
Nexus NXS NEBL  Decentralized application platform
AdEx ADX Advertising exchange
Open Trading OTN Decentralized exchange
Smart Cash SMART Zcoin clone with rewards
Bitdeal BDL Bitcoin clone
Loopring LRC Decentralized exchange
Edgeless EDG Decentralized casino
Faircoin FAIR Bitcoin that rewards savers
Zeusshield ZSC Decentralized insurance
Streamr Datacoin DATA Real-time data marketplace
Zcoin XZC Private digital cash
NAV Coin NAV Bitcoin with private transactions

Credit: Techcrunch

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