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Why are telegram groups a source? It’s the global community!

Telegram is a cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging app with a focus on security and speed. It’s easy to register yourself and join groups e.g. channels. Register here.

Groups and channels can be used as communication channel for cryptocurrencies or news websites. Some are strictly moderated and have useful chatbots to keep scams out. Some are more like a place filled with random people, typing all kind of random stuff.

Groups can be set up to generate a Pump & Dump movement and will therefor use fake or hyped information. Always use multiple news sources to verify information.
Never share your private keys and be careful with the hyperlinks that are shared.

Check this list of Telegram groups & channels. Feel free to add any missing channels/groups. 

Crypto Alerts/News
@Bit_Novosti (Russian)
@BitOracle (Russian)
@BlockchainHispano (Spanish)
@CoinTelegraphES (Spanish)
@CoinSpot (Russian)
@CriptoNoticias (Spanish)
@Cryptonyka (Russian)
@Forklog (Russian)


@ArdorPlatform (ARDR)
@ArkEcosystem (ARK)
@AugurProject (REP)
@Bancor (BNT)
@BelaCoin (BELA)
@BitcoinCashFork (BCH)
@BitcoinCore (BTC)
@BitJob (STU)
@BitQuence (BQX)
@BitSharesDEX (BTS)
@Blackcoin (BLK)
@Blockpay (BLOCKPAY)
@Byteball (GBYTE)
@BytecoinChat (BCN)
@ChronoBank (TIME)
@CivicPlatform (CVC)
@Counterparty (XCP)
@DAOCasino (BET)
@Darcrus (DAR)
@DashDigitalCash (DASH)
@Decentch (DCT)
@Decred (DCR)
@DentCoin (DENT)
@DigiByteCoin (DGB)
@DigitalDevelopersFund (DDF)
@DigixDAO (DGD)
@District0x (DNT)
@ElasticXEL (XEL)
@EnigmaCatalyst (XNG)
@EOSProject (EOS)
@Equi_Trader (EQT)
@EthBitsChatroom (ETB)
@EthClassic (ETC)
@EtherParty (FUEL)
@ETHStatus (SNT)
@ExpanseTech (EXP)
@FactomFCT (FCT)
@FoldingCoin (FLDC)
@FunFairTech (FUN)
@Game_Credits (GAME)
@GnosisPM (GNS)
@GolemProject (GNT)
@Gravel Coin (GRV)
@GridCoin (GRC)
@HTMLCoinOfficial (HTML5)
@Iconomi (ICN)
@iodigital (IOC)
@IOTatangle (MIOTA)
@KekcoinOfficial (KEK)
@KomodoPlatform (KMD)
@KushCoin (KUSH)
@LiskGroup (LSK)
@Litecoin (LTC)
@MaidSafeCoin (MAID)
@MartexCoin (MXT)
@Minereum (MNE)
@MonacoCard (MCO)
@Monacoin (MONA)
@Monero (XMR)
@MothershipCX (MSP)
@Mysterium_network (ICO)
@Namecoin (NMC)
@NavCoin (NAV)
@NemRed (XEM)
@AnsCommunity (NEO)
@Nevacoin (NEVA)
@NimIQ (NET)
@NXTCommunity (NXT)
@OmiseGO (OMG)
@OmniLayer (OMNI)
@PascalCoin (PASC)
@Peercoin (PPC)
@PeerPlays (PPY)
@PepeCash (PEPE)
@PotCoin420 (POT)
@RadiumOfficial (RADS)
@RaiBlocks (XRB)
@RenosCoin (RNS)
@Ripple (XRP)
@Safex_Exchange (SAFEX)
@ShadowCash (SDC)
@Siacoin (SC)
@SilkNetwork (SLK)
@Singulardtv (SNGLS)
@SkyCoin (SKY)
@Sonm_eng (SNM)
@StartCoinUncensored (Start)
@SteemITDotCom (STEEM)
@StellarLumens (STR)
@StorjProject (SJCX)
@StratisPlatform (STRAT)
@Stx_Coin (STX)
@SuperNetorg (UNITY)
@Synereo (AMP)
@SyscoinOfficial (SYS)
@Tierion (ICO)
@tenxtokenclub (TenX PAY Fan Club)
@TezosICO (XTZ)
@TheDogeHouse (DOGE)
@TokenCard (TKN)
@Ubiqsmart (UBQ)
@UPlatform (UTN, English)
@universa (UTN, Russian)
@VertcoinCrypto (VTC)
@ViaCoin (VIA)
@WavesCommunity (Waves)
@WeTrustPlatform (TRST)
@WingsChat (WINGS)
@ZCashco (ZEC)
@ZClassicCoin (ZCL)
@ZCoinProject (XZC)
@ZenCash (ZEN)


@Altcoinss (Spanish)
@ArgenPool (Argentina)
@aussiecrypto (Australia)
@Bbcommby (Russian)
@BFU_Cryptochat (Ukraine)
@BitcoinItalia (Italian)
@BitcoinPersia (Persian)
@BitcoinPuglia (Italian)
@BTCcom (Support)
@BTCFork (Movement)
@CriptoMinado (Spanish)
@CryptoForecast (Italian)
@CryptoInvest (Russian)
@CryptoKorea (Korean)
@CryptoMining (Mining Discussion)
@CryptoRupee (Indian)
@EthereumMeetups (Russian)
@GettCoinToday (Russian)
@IACTC (Indonesian)
@KryptoCoinsDE (German)
@RarePepeTraderGroup (Pepe)
@RarePepeRUS (Russian)

ICO Groups & Channels



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