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What are Whitepapers about? The essence!

In established markets, you need develop new products to gain market attention, and sometimes you do start with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and evolve from there. But when the field is uncharted, and the market is undefined, innovation needs to be manufactured by multiple visionaries. So, these visionaries write a White Paper first, (as a sort of MVP) where they describe their vision, and get feedback. Then, they embark on delivering a product later. That’s almost exactly what all Bitcoin and blockchain technology companies have done, including the original creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto.

Behind each one of these papers, there is either a protocol, an idea, a platform, a product, a service, a marketplace or a dream.

Most of the Protocol related papers require a degree of technical knowledge if you’d like to fully understand them, but you don’t need to be a software developer in order to at least capture some partial understanding.

[Source:  startupmanagement.org]

What are Whitelists about? The advantage!

New initiatives like ICO’s, new platforms or other products provide those who are interested the opportunity to receive newest updates before the majority does. For example: An start-up wants to start an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). They (hopefully) provided an Whitepaper and are gaining interest from investors. But due to planning it’s still uncertain when the ICO procedure will start. So they provide investors and those interested the opportunity to “whitelist” themselves. As soon as there is news on when the ICO will start or there is an opportunity to pre-invest those on the whitelist will receive a mail. Most of the times this group is a step a head of the big majority. Which means cheaper buy in, more information and having a sort of certainty of not missing the ride. Note: a whitelist is just a (marketing) tool. Always do a double background and information check.


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