From Zero to HERO in cryptocurrency – december

Every month we add a interview with a cryptocurrency Hero. From Shrimp to Whale. From Zero to Hero. From Ford to Lambo. We find these whales in the crypto community. Sometimes they wish to stay anonymous. We respect that. But we always ask a photo!”

Hey, what is your name and what is your age?

He, whats-up  my name is Raff and my age is 18.

Thank you for participating in this One2Crypto from Zero to hero Interview.

No probs man i saw your website and thought; why not.

So do you have a Lambo yet?

Ha, no i don’t plan on un till i can lose a couple of grand.

When and why did you first hear about cryptocurrencies at such a young age?

I was doing some research on ‘penetration testing’ . Friends of mine got me into bitcoin and stuff because i could buy computers cheaper online on the dark-web. But i did not know what the B-symbol was on the dark-web. At first i got really scared of it because i was reading US-articles about bitcoin and there is a huge bad reputation about Bitcoin in the United-States. I think this was also the first time i experienced ‘FUD’ (Fear, uncertainty and doubt). I kind of let it go. At that time it was around 60-80$. I did not think about it as it was an investment. Then a year later after that i started mining with the same group of friends. Because before i did not know you could mine Bitcoin. Then i learned about the shard algorithm. And i did not know anything about Ethereum until 2016. I mined the hell out of that. 

How much did you actually mine with your mining gear?

I think something around 277 Ethereum. yea, i stopped in the beginning of 2017 because it got way to difficult for my setup to mine ETH because of the increased difficulty. i did not want to rent a big room and put racks and racks of GPU’s in there to mine. I did not want to invest that much into mining. So i figured; ill just hold this Ethereum.

How would you categorize yourself? Are you an investor, trader, a pump/dumper.

I think a bit of both, a trader because i ‘swing-trade’ myself up to a higher position. But as far as pumping and dumping, i dump coins but not like i participate in pump and dump groups. I switch my sleep schedule around so i can trade on increased volume.

You mean that you are awake at night so you can trade at the same time as Japan/Korea/China?

yea, exactly.

Did you stop working because of cryptocurrencies?

Well, i am in my gap year of High school. 

So, would you have to work after High school?

Well since this is really taking off, not at all.

Good! So what was your first cryptocurrency that gave you your first big profit?

It was Ethereum from the mining. When it was April it reached around 70$ and i thought; Wow, i have a ton of money now (18000-19000$). But i ended up investing it in Initial Coin Offerings now anyway.

So what was your initial investment?

Well actually not to much because i used my Gaming computer to mine Ethereum. I burned out my GPU’s with it.

Do you take special security measurements at the moment?

Yea, I’am very paranoid. I have my own encryption algorithm for my private keys and i spread these across flash-drives. I also have an offline computer for storing all my stuff. Tho i also save my encrypted keys on the cloud. 

Did you do take these precautions straight from the start?

Oh no, just as soon as i heard that people are getting hacked. I thought ‘Oh Shit’ people where getting backdoors in their computers for hackers and losing their private keys and stuff i started being more secure. 

What advice would you give about security to people that start trading cryptocurrencies?

Well do not click at some random link don’t download any odd wallet. Use official supported wallets. I would say just buy a Ledger wallet and be safe. It is the most easiest and most secure wallet.  

Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet

Are you proud being called a whale?

Sometimes it gets annoying. Like sometimes if i want to sell i am kind of obligated to hold my coins. If i would like to collect profits people are always responding like “OMG, a huge sell-wall”. For some coins, i cant sell my whole stack of coins. I really have to sell in small portions. 

Do you have a strategy if a project is a scam?

Do research. Usually i contact the support and talk to them directly. Either on telegram or on slack. Like in Confido i did not dare to invest because the support was responding so weird on my questions. 

How do you handle stress in trading.

Ha, i don’t, i am always busy checking prices. Sometimes when i close my computer i still keep checking prices on my phone to check if i lost a percent or two. It is really stressful when 2% is six figures. It is just nothing small…I try to time everything perfectly but i just try. 

What is your target?

I would say, 8 figures…

Last question, what cryptocurrency do you expect to moon the most in 2018?

Uhm, you mean the one that multiplies the most? 


Well, pff the one that i invested heavily in, i don’t know if you heard about is NULS. 

We wrote an article about NULS

I put in a lot, i put in around 200.000$ in there. If i knew that Antshares (NEO) at 18cents would go up so much, i would invested in that. But yea, there is always some kind of gamble involved.

What kind of tools do you use to keep track of your cryptocurrency portfolio and your trades?

Most of the time i just use the Binance app. I think the Blockfolio app is quite slow sometimes and i feel there is a delay on the app. And i surf evreything on to check out all of the different projects.

Can you send us a picture of your crypto-office-setup with a thumbs-up?

Of course! raff setup

Thanks for your time Raff,
We wish you the best!

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