From Zero to Hero – with N1njaWTF

Every month we add an interview with a cryptocurrency Hero. From Shrimp to Whale. From Zero to Hero. From Ford to Lambo. We find these whales or cryptocurrency entrepreneurs  in the crypto community.  This month we interviewed N1njaWTF!

Who are you and what do you do?

I am Markus, living in beautiful Switzerland and 19 years old.
Currently I am in an apprenticeship as a IT Sysadmin / System Engineer.

When did you first start to invest into Crypto and How did you learn about Cryptocurrencies?

Back in 2014 I wanted to invest into something and searched the Internet. I heard about Bitcoin and researched a lot. Shortly after, I fell in love with the Blockchain and the idea behind Bitcoin. Then I started investing into Bitcoin at a Price of around $380.

What was your initial Investment back then?

First, I invested a few racks(1000$) into Bitcoin. At that time i was in apprenticeship so I did not have that much money to invest.

What was the project where you made your first big Profit?

Litecoin was the first Altcoin I bought, where I made quite some profit.

If you would discribe your Net Worth right now.

Between 6 and 8 figures. No Comment. x)

Do you have a exit strategy or a target you are aiming for?

Once I reach my Goals, I will probably take some cash from the table but still invest a significant amount into cryptocurrencies.
I am not only investing, but also trying to build as many passive income businesses as possible. Im also a Masternode Lover and love to run Masternodes and earn some juicy passive income.

Is it possible for you to live off crypto at the moment?

Yes, it would be possible currently. I earn so much from my passive income businesses, that I could live from it. My investments not included.

Why are you not living off crypto at the moment?

I am still in an apprenticeship and think its smart to finish this first.. haha
This Summer, my apprenticeship is finally over and after that I go to military. If the whole Crypto Space didn’t crash to 0 after military, I will probably do a World Tour and live from my Businesses. 🙂 (A lot can change until then tho)

We listed a few tools of yours on our website, could you tell us something about the projects you made and what you are working on at the moment?

Alright. I am doing Websites since School times. I noticed that the Crypto Community is extremely passionate and amazing. Back when NEO was called “Antshares”, the Community was quite small but really great. Then a rebranding to “NEO” came up and they introduced the “GAS” token. Thats when it really all started. I created my first big Website “” right before the Rebranding happened and the website blew up. Thousands of people sharing it, hundreds of Youtube videos about the site and a lot of daily visitors. I loved the interaction and communication with the Community and they helped me to improve myself and my websites over time. Great Feedback, Suggestions and Motivation.
After that, I became thirsty and created about 6 more Websites in the Crypto Space. 😀
Currently I am completely re-doing my CoinTrendz Website and the first time ever created a Dashboard where Users can register & login. I will try to launch that website as soon as possible. 🙂 Other than that, I also created “” recently, to calculate your Thor Rewards from staking VeChain.

Would you consider Crypto as a bubble?

Yes, I definitely think we are in a bubble. However, that doesn’t mean the bubble will pop soon. I think we are still in early / mid stages of this bubble and I also think once it bursts, only the real, good projects will survive.
There are so many shitcoins out there with millions or billions of market cap which have no working product or no use at all. These will probably crash sooner or later.

How would you categorize yourself, what would you call yourself? (Whale? Pirate, Trader, daytrader, investor, entrapeneur, or something else?)

Investor, Entrepreneur and sometimes Trader (However, I don’t trade often).

What is your secret cryptocurrency what you think will make you richer then you are?

Thats a “secret”. 😉

What advice would you give to people who are starting into cryptocurrencies?

Always do your research and don’t listen to any shills. Read the Whitepaper, check the Team & Community behind the Project. Don’t fall for scams. Seriously, I know so many people that invest into any random coin just because they “heard” its a good coin. Always check it out yourself!

How do you handle stress in cryptocurrencies?

I smoke some dank kush every now and then. 😉

What are your favourite Quotes?

  1. “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”
  2. “What we think, We become.”
  3. “You’re never going to get rich renting out your time.”

Could you send us a picture with something nice?

Yea of course!markus

Thanks a lot for your time Markus or N1njaWTF. Enjoy cryptospace!

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