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Where find Cryptocurrency Market Overviews? Here & here!

When participating in the cryptocurrency industry it is very useful to have an overview on a few very important aspects.

What kind of overviews are helpful?
# An overview of the global financial market development.
# An overview of the total cryptocurrency market volume development.
# An overview of the particular cryptocurrency development.

Both the current state as well as the historical development paths are of major importance. Predictions on future development are also nice to have, but very hard to make. Even for professionals.

The following sources provide useful overviews. A detailed article on each source can be found on via Search or using Filter in the right side bar.
Provides information about the Total Cryptocurrency Market Cap and the current rate of more than 4oo cryptocurrencies.
Provides information about the current rate of more than 700 cryptocurrencies. Shows a list of current Initial Coin Offerings (ICO’s). Listed are upcoming ICO’s as well the ones that are ongoing or  ended.
Provides an overview of current ratings of cryptocurrencies together with information on where the particular currency can be traded.

Trading / Exchange platforms
Exchange platforms show current rates of the cryptocurrencies that can be traded on the platform. Platforms differ from price, currency volume and the fee percentage. This page provides an overview of the best exchange platforms and detailed guides on how to use them.

In case super useful Market Overviews sources are missing feel free to leave a comment. 

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