How to get verified on KuCoin Exchange (KYC)

Since the 11th of may 2018 KuCoin enforced Know your Customer to their exchange (KYC). Since KuCoin wants to be a transparant exchange you have to follow this step. This guide explains you how to go trough the KYC process of KuCoin. With a verified account you can withdrawal more then a non verified account.

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  1. Login to
  2. Make sure you enable 2 Factor Authentication
  3. Click on ‘Account’kucoin kyc verfied
  4. On the account page you can see information about your account. You can click on ‘KYC verification’ in the left menu.
    kucoin account dashboard
  5. Now you have the option to choose a Individual Account or a Institution account(coming soon). individual account coorparte account
  6. You will see an overview of your KYC process.kyc process overview
  7. Now you will see a big form where you can fill in your personal information. On the bottom of the field you have to upload a file. Make sure you upload a utility bill or something like that. A file that confirms your address. We uploaded our electricity bill. After uploading click ‘Next’kucoin basic information KYC verification
  8. Now you have to upload a passport, ID-card or a drivers licence. You have to upload the FRONT and the BACK of your Identification document.
    kyc process step 2
  9. At the bottom of this form you have to upload a selfie. Make sure your selfie fits the requirements of the selfie. Upload it and click ‘Next’ kucoin selfie kyc
  10. Once you uploaded your Identification documents and selfie you have to fill in your employment information. Once you filled the form press ‘Next’.kucoin kyc employment status
  11. Confirm your information and press ‘Submit’kyc kucoin confirmation
  12. Now you will see that you filled in the whole KYC process and KuCoin will take up to two weeks to verify your account. You will be notified by email.
  13. Happy trading!
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