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On this page all our guides on cryptocurrency tools. In a guide we share all steps that one needs to take in using an particular tool. Saving you time, but more important making sure you take each step fast and save.

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In this guide we explain how to install and use Metamask. You can use Metamask to participate in ICO's or just use it as a wallet. Metamask supports all ...


Metamask is a great piece of software you can use to manage all of your ERC20 Ethereum tokens. The wallet is a extention you can add to your Chrome, Firefox, ...


After starting your cryptocurrency journey with your first buy, more transactions might follow. You probably will use multiple exchanges and wallets to do so. ...


On November 20th 2017 KuCoin exchange launched their own IOS and Android Mobile applications. Read this guide on how to install it on your IOS phone. On ...


Ether wallet can be a usefull exchange, especially for ICO or custom tokens. But sometimes you have to add funds to your MyEtherWallet(MEW) account. So how do ...


Source: Decentralized apps or dApps are a new type of software program designed to exist on the Internet in a way that is not controlled by any ...


In a few articles we stated that you should type the website in your browser bar because of security reasons. Here is why: There have been a lot of scams on ...

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Exchange guides How to get verified on KuCoin Exchange (KYC)

How to get verified on KuCoin Exchange (KYC)

Since the 11th of may 2018 KuCoin enforced Know your Customer to their exchange (KYC). Since KuCoin wants to be a transparant exchange you have to follow this ...

Cryptocurrency reviews Top 5 cryptocurrencies to watch for June 2018

Top 5 cryptocurrencies to watch for June 2018

Since January we ended up being in a bear market. Even with this bear market we did some good calls that still made some good gains. The bearmarket hurt in our ...

Guides 3 ways to earn a passive crypto income

3 ways to earn a passive crypto income

This article is about a passive cryptocurrency income. How to earn a passive income in cryptocurrency. A nice quote from warren Buffet: If you don't find a ...

Blog From Zero to Hero – with N1njaWTF

From Zero to Hero – with N1njaWTF

Every month we add an interview with a cryptocurrency Hero. From Shrimp to Whale. From Zero to Hero. From Ford to Lambo. We find these whales or cryptocurrency ...

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