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LeonArdo bitcoin and altcoin trading bot review

LeonArdo is a trading Terminal and trading bot for different cryptocurrencies. The trading terminal supports a lot of exchanges. Scroll down a little to read more information about the trading bot and read a review of us using the trading terminal.

What is LeonArdo?

LeonArdo is a Bitcoin trading terminal that lets you directly interact with market data. Drag and drop your orders to exactly where you want them, pull the chart to the left to reveal a price aligned depth chart or use LeonArdo’s ruler to calculate a specific gain.

Where can i use LeonArdo?

LeonArdo currently supports Poloniex, Bittrex, Huobi, Bitstamp, Bitfinex, and OKcoin, but it is implemented in a modular way to allow for the easy addition of new markets. They are currently testing Kraken and more will follow. They are also investigating supporting decentralized exchanges.

Supported languages

  • German
  • Spanish
  • Portugese
  • English
  • Chinese

Results and conclusion

We traded around 2 months with different trading strategies. It depends on the cryptocurrency you are trading with on how successful your trading is. Also this depends a lot on the chart of the cryptocurrency and the price-movement of it. But we are really positive on using the trading strategies.

With the PingPong strategy we did 200 trades in 5

days of running the bot where we took 0.5% profit every trade. We started with 0.1BTC and made 0.1BTC profit with it in just running 5 days! (NOTE: Of course this really depends on what strategy you use, how you set up your buy and sell orders. Buying the software does not guarantee profits, you have to play around with the settings, find the right cryptocurrency to trade, play around more, change stuff etc etc etc)


There is always a risk using a trading bot. When you are using the pingpong strategy and the price drops under your buy level this means you end up with a bag of coins you might not want.

We are really charmed of the interface and many options to add different indicators to the chart. The manual trading works like a charm. It is easy to adjust your order to a different level just by dragging the order on the chart. This saves a lot of time and works great when you are short trading. It is so much easier to use LeonArdo then canceling your order, reentering your prices, confirming your sell on for example Bittrex or other different exchanges.

Also the support of the company that build LeonArdo is amazing. They support their users 5days a week on working days and sometimes even during the weekends. Even when we suggested some new options, Marginsoftware.de is considering them to add.

The trading strategies work great. Tho, we think there is no holy grail on setting a trading strategy. You have to play around with the strategies to find a strategy with levels that work out for you.

All in all we think amazing software for a bargain price. If you are interested in buying the software, click the link below to support One2crypto.com


At One2Crypto we decided to test LeonArdo trading bot and review it. We bought it around 2 months ago a tried different strategies on their trading terminal.

Buying leonArdo

The process of buying LeonArdo was really easy. We just went to the website of MarginSoftware/LeonArdo and bought a copy for $89,-. You can only pay in Bitcoin which makes it easy to pay from all over the world. Once you fill in your information and go to the pay terminal you can see the address you have to send your bitcoin to. When we bought the software it was really easy and our transaction was confirmed within a minute.

LeonArdo Trading Bot

Trade using the LeonArdo trading bot. Get your copy by clicking on the right and support one2crypto.

We chose to trade on the Bittrex.com exchange and made a new API key specially for the trading bot. Make sure you safe the API Secret somewhere as you cannot see it later on. Fill in these keys on the website of LeonArdo/Margin-trading. Margin trading asks you to fill in at least half of your Secret-API-Key to the form. They implant the API key to the software to make sure you can use your licence.

Once our payment was confirmed we received an e-mail linking to the software. Your API key is embedded somewhere in in the software code.

Once we installed the software the login screen is pretty obvious. We chose the right market we want to trade on (Bittrex), filled in our API-key and API-secret and logged in to the trading terminal.login


Once we are logged in trading screen is really clean and easy to see what is going on. LeonArdo offers 2 different themes by default, a black theme and a white theme. You can change most of the visuals like colours and fonts.

LeonArdo Trading Bot

Trade using the LeonArdo trading bot. Get your copy by clicking on the link and support one2crypto.


Interface explained

The interface of LeonArdo might be a bit overwhelming in the beginning. But as once you take a solid 30seconds to look at it, it is easy to understand. As you can see there are quite a lot of options. explained here.


This image shows all the chart options in the middle of the interface.chart options

This is how the wallet looks like, you can choose to not show the empty wallets.wallets
This is the settings area. You can change the whole look of the interface. You can change some options for different exchanges and some trading options.settings
In the top right corner you have trade notifications. notifications
Adding indicators is one of the best features in LeonArdo. We love this feature.indicators
This is the screen you see when you add a new strategy.adding strategy

Trading strategies

LeonArdo offers 2 different strategies. Margin-Maker and PingPong strategy. The Margin-Maker strategy moves along with the chart which is really nice. The PingPong strategy just trades in between user-set levels. This means every time the price reaches a certain level the bot buys/sells. Check out the different strategy’s in the tabs below.

Of course the trading-strategies are really important in this trading bot. Manual trading is actually a pleasure using this software. It is more of a trading terminal with trading strategies implemented. Most of the time Exchanges are not really user friendly, but the LeonArdo Trading terminal is.

Manual trading

Manual trading on LeonArdo is an absolute pleasure. You can drag and drop your orders. We actually tried a few evenings of short trading just using this manual trading function and we LOVED it. manual tradingThe picture above shows the interface of the manual trading screen. On the left you set your prices and amounts you would like to trade. On the right you have the chart with all the different options. We actually added two indicators here: Bollinger bands and RSI. You can see the dotted line (——) that shows the manual order price. The easy thing about LeonArdo is that you can drag this line up or down on the chart and place your order like this. Once your order is placed you can change the order by just dragging and dropping the order.

Leonardo manual orderIn the moving picture above you can see us adding a new sell order. After the order is placed we can just drag and drop and adjust the order. Ez as pie!

Trading strategy – Margin-Maker

The first one is Margin Maker. This strategie moves with the graph. You can set a minimum profit amount you would to make with the strategy. For example we set the trading bot on BTC/USDT. margin maker strategy

The Margin-Maker function moves along with the graph, this means if the chart goes up or down the strategy moves along with the chart. The bot tries to find a entry on the levels you chose. We chose that the bot is making at least 0,81% per trade. Of course you can set this at the level you want.

The Margin-maker strategy also offeres more options. When you hover your mouse you can see the description of every function LeonArdo offers. additional options

We really like the Stop-Loss function in this strategy, it also shows up nicely into the chart area.

stoploss leonardo

Trading strategy – PingPong

The PingPong strategy is really easy to set-up. You just set two levels where the strategy will buy and sell at.pingpong strategyAs you can see we set a pingpong strategy, every trade we make on this strategy gives us 0,51% after trading fee’s. This  strategy works well with a graph that goes sideways for a long time, for example XRP. This trading strategy offers a few options but not as much as the margin trading strategy. Tho this strategy doesn’t need many options. As you can see the interface shows really nicely how much percentage of gain you make every trade.options pingpong

Leonardo Prices
Leonardo pricing


LeonArdo Trading Bot

Trade using the LeonArdo trading bot. Get your copy by clicking on the right and support one2crypto.

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    Sarah 16 November 2018 at 15:10

    Hi, Sarah from margin.de here (previously leonArdo). Really great write up on our software 🙂

    Just wanted to let you know that we recently rebranded. We now support 11 exchanges, 4 bots, and great features like a profit/loss indicator, market scanner, social integrations & more. Plus, we still offer our free demo to try everything out first!


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