5 Cryptocurrencies to watch in March 2018

Wow, February was a strange month, Crazy gains, crazy losses, Crazy gains again. It went with ups and downs. The first week of February we stayed in a so called Bear market and there was a lot of Fear, uncertainty and doubt. Big reasons for the swings where news items with stuff about Tether being a money printing machine, Korea, China and japan banning everything, John McAfee stating that Binance has been hacked, A hack on Bitgrail with 17m NANO tokens lost. TIME FOR MARCH!

We always have a feeling that news items are being timed to create panic in the market. News articles also showed up that some big whale bought 400million on Bitcoin in the recent dip. So what is really going on!?

Well for us it does not really matter as we pick our cryptocurrencies for Medium long term. The last few months a few of our picks where NULS, NEO, Loopring, Nano, Substratum and VeChain. We are still holding these crypto’s as we believe these projects will prove them selfs even more then they already did.

So what are our top and best picks for March 2018.

  1. Nebulas (NAS)
  2. Fusion (FSN)
  3. Blockport (BPT)
  4. Binance Coin (BNB)
  5. Oyster Pearl (PRL)

1. Nebulas (NAS)

Nebulas is also called ‘The google of Blockchain’. Nebulas their focus is to be a search engine on the blockchain. At this moment cryptospace is getting so big. There are so many blockchains being built at the moment. Nebulas is building a solution that lets you search all these different blockchains. If you want to find smart contracts, transactions or what so ever. Nebulas released their testnet a few weeks ago. Check out their Github if you are interested. We think Nebulas is a good long term investment as we think blockchain will get much bigger over time.

Get in Touch with Nebulas







Currently NAS is beeing listed on Huobi and Okex.

  • Room to grow
  • As far as we know, the only one in this market

  • No popular exchanges yet.

2. Fusion

Fusion started as an ICO on the NEO platform. Fusion is also compared to Wanchain. They want to be a cryptofinancial platform (something like Ripple) and are going to provide cross-chain transactions and smart contracts. FUSION is a public blockchain devoting itself to creating an inclusive cryptofinancial platform by providing cross-chain, cross-organization, and cross-datasource smart contracts. This will be a long-term pick for us but with this low marketcap we think it is a no-brainer.

  • Still under the radar
  • Wanchain competitor… but already tradeable;)
  • Marketcap is still unknown

  • Only trade-able on Bibox

3. Blockport (BPT)

Blockport, another exchange. Tho we think this exchange really stands out because it focusses on being a social exchange. We have seen tokens that support the exchange did really well(in our January pick KuCoin shares made 3500% in a month). We think Blockport has a really solid team and is one of the first ICO’s from the Netherlands. They successfully funded their project in their ICO with support of the AFM (Authority financial markets, sort of SEC for the US). We think it is a good pick to get some good returns. Tho the token is also very nice to trade with discounted trading fees. At the moment the token is trade-able on KuCoin. Blockport is planning to release their beta platform in March.

  • Social exchange
  • Supported by AFM
  • Good team
  • Beta in March 2018
  • Good communication

  • Another exchange

4. Binance Coin (BNB)

Binance Coin is is our short term pick for this month. Tho using BNB is giving you a discount on trading fees but unless you are a daytrader this is not really worth it. But BNB’s price is only sitting at 11$ at the moment. Binance burns tokens evrey quarter which makes the supply lower. Also they are planning more ICO’s on the Binance exchange where you can pay with BNB tokens.

  • Low in price
  • Upcoming tokensales
  • Discount on trading fees

  • Only tradeable on Binance

5. Oyster Pearl (PRL)

Oyster Protocol is our number five pick, this project has been on our radar for quite a while. And we really like it. It is a totally different way of monetization your internet platform. Right now websites like ours need ads to exist and cover the costs of the website. Tho a lot of people block our ads. Oyster Pearl has build a new tool that websites can use with just a simple line of script. Oyster combines mining through traffic and data storage using Pearl tokens. It works something like this: For example, you can buy a Pearl token and ‘rent’ 1GB of storage space with that. Someone else goes to a website using the script of Oyster that confirms the transaction. Tho we are not sure if this revenue model will be taking over the Online Ad business as there is still a lot of resistance to ‘Browser crypto mining’.

  • New Partnerships
    • Masternodes upcomming
    • Rumours about Binance
    • Product release

  • Not the only one in this market

The listed Cryptos are not investment advice. Although these Cryptos match our own criteria, we have picked them based on desk research and after comparison with other cryptos. New to crypto Please read this article first.

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