Top 5 ICO’s to check – March 2018

After the success of 5 ICO’s to watch December, January and February it’s time for our ICO picks for March 2018!

Our top is based on product phase, team, roadmap, strategy, growth potential and ICO procedure. Each ICO has its own specifications, deadlines and token sales structure. Check this information in each ICO description below. Our personal conclusion on each ICO will follow in a separate review article on each ICO.

EXTRA BONUS ICO!(?) In this month ICO top list we have added a number 6 pick that we would like to discuss with you. This particular ICO looks like a plan, but we have doubts based on the token supply and a lack of technical insights in the product. Looking forward to see your vision on this one!



abyss about
HQ location: 
Development Fase: concept product of existing company
ICO Starts:  7 March 2018    ->  KYC registration
Hard cap: $40.000.000
Token supply: 603.750.000 Abyss tokens  [ERC20]
Payment methods:      ETH – BNB (Binance Coin)

The Abyss is a next-generation digital distribution platform, delivering all types of video games (Free2play MMOs and cryptogames being a key priority), including AAA-titles, to the fast-growing global game community.  The Abyss offers a groundbreaking motivational and multilevel referral system, allowing gamers to earn from in-game and social activities, and other gamers’ payments as well.

The Abyss project is part of the company which is a developer, publisher and localizer of popular F2P browser and client MMO games with an overwhelming experience and solid reputation in video game industry. A partner of Bluehole and publisher of Tera in CIS.

Abyss benefits

abyss how it works

abyss competitors

Abyss roadmap

Read the Abyss white paper

ABYSS tokens are a priority internal mechanism for interaction on the platform (Protocol ERC20 on the Ethereum blockchain). Our gaming platform is to be offered for Desktop (Windows, MacOS, Linux), Mobile (iOS and Android) and Web. Tokens can be transferred to cryptocurrency accounts both manually and automatically.

Abyss token sale analysis* ABYSS tokens assigned to the Company will be frozen by the DAICO smart contract for a period of 1 year. ** ABYSS tokens assigned for Reserve will be frozen by the DAICO smart contract for a period of 6 months. Reserve will be used to provide motivational rewards to players to accelerate the ecosystem growth at the early stage of platform operation, and also to bring amazing new games to the platform.

abyss team review

abyss advisors partners review

Abyss Contact & Community

Very interactive on a variety of channels: GitHub Reddit BitcoinTalk Medium Telegram [wpsm_divider top=”20px” bottom=”20px” style=”solid”

Abyss Reviews

“The ICO is well structured. Both the hard cap and soft cap are reasonable, which could provide extra incentive for the team to deliver the final product successfully. However, our team identified a lengthy dark period on the roadmap, where a version of The Abyss will not be released until Q1 of 2019. In order for The Abyss to gain confidence from the public, they should address this issue and justify their means and acts.”

By CryptoStandard

Register at Abyss via one2crypto by using 'cde6x3' as referral ID!

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HQ location: Canada (registered in Switzerland)
Development Fase:  product of existing company Left, beta SDK, alpha pilots
ICO Starts:  15 February 2018    ->  KYC registration via Bitcoin Suisse
Hard cap: $30.000.000
Token supply:  129,498,559 MESH tokens  [ERC20]
Payment methods:      BTC  –  ETH – Fiat currencies

NEX is a platform for complex decentralized cryptographic trade and payment service creation

nex how it worksNeon Exchange (NEX) aims to combine the performance of centralized exchanges with the trust and security properties of decentralized exchanges. The system consists of three main components: an off-chain trade matching engine, a smart contract where trades are executed, and a payment service where global assets such as NEO and GAS can be converted to tokens that can be transfered directly by smart contracts, making them compatible with the exchange. In the following sections, we describe each component in more depth.

Some of the core features of NEX Neonexchange include:

(i) UTXO based:

As many of us might already know, Ethereum makes use of an account model that stores all of our balance information in the form of numbers (within the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) ). However, within the NEO blockchain, global assets are sent and received via the use of a UTXO model, wherein all transactions are carried out via the use of secure IDs.

(ii) Easy Third Party Interactions:

Through the use of the NEO blockchain, it becomes easier for external users to verify transactions that have taken place within the blockchain (via the use of methods such as SPV).

(iii) Smart Contract Execution:

When using the ETH blockchain, all smart contracts have the capacity to interact with one another through the use of their given addresses. However, NEO makes use of a protocol wherein “all calls between smart contracts” need to be clearly declared in advance.

(iv) New Consensus Model:

In a more technical sense, we can see that NEO makes use of Byzantine Fault Tolerance (dBFT) protocols for consensus. This model has been studied in detail, and has been shown to allow for “much higher theoretical transaction throughput”.

NEX concept review

As per the official company whitepaper, NEX will initially be launched exclusively within NEO, but as time progresses, will be expanded to support exchange within the ETH blockchain as well.

Nex roadmap analysisRead the NEX white paper. 

nex token distribution analysis

nex token analysis process

ICO Procedure

12 March NEX opens registration for the token sale lotteries In the first round, we will conduct lotteries among all registered users to select participants for the token sale. The first lottery will select up to 25k participants to contribute up to $1,000 each. A second lottery will select participants from the remaining users to fill any gaps left by participants who failed to register or wished to contribute under the maximum individual limit. To register for the lotteries you will need the following: – An email address – The first 3 characters of your passport number – The country issuing your passport

31 March NEX announces 25,000 lottery winners on its website. Winners of the lottery will receive a number that identifies them uniquely in the KYC process. This number can be reproduced from a user’s registration information using a deterministic algorithm that we will publish at that time. KYC process opens for winners of the first lottery All lottery winners will be required to go through our KYC process.

The staff looks great, such Fabio Cesar Canesin, Fabian Wahle, Ethan Fast and Luciano Engel Co-founders of City of Zion as advisors, they have Da Hongfei and Erik Zhang Co-founders of Neo. Those who know Neo know them.

Nex team review

NEX Contact & Community

Twitter, LinkedIn or Medium

NEX Reviews

“In conclusion, this seems to be a very interesting project with potential, worth following it. Similar currencies(Binance Coin, KuCoin Shares) but not decentralized platforms have succeeded and each one has a market cap around a billion dollars, therefore NEX which is unique has the potential to reach beyond that. Currently, They haven’t yet published a sale date.”

By KingDavidHarp on Medium

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HQ location: Dubai / Belgium
Development Fase:  product of existing company SettleMint, beta product, launching customers
ICO PreSale:  19 March 2018    ->  KYC registration via Bitcoin Suisse
Token supply:  225.000.000 DTX [ERC20]
Payment methods:      ETH

DataBroker DAO is the first marketplace to sell & buy sensor data.

Today companies make use of sensor data to optimize and monitor their operations. The result is a single purpose data landscape. DataBroker DAO drives the evolution towards truly ‘smart living’ by making this data easily accessible to cities, organizations and entrepreneurs at an affordable price.

As a decentralised marketplace for IoT sensor data using Blockchain technology, Databroker DAO enables sensor owners to turn generated data into revenue streams. This will open up a wealth of opportunities for various industries. Data will be used and become more effective.

databroker review market

databroker review tech concept

All the work and R&D is encapsulated in a distributed middleware called Mint which consists of 4 SDK. Notary, which deals with anything related to recording information on blockchain, but also IPFS and swarm. Provenance for supply chain tracking. Ballot box for voting and last but not least Marketplaces for functionality ranging from tokens to exchanges of digitally traded products.

databroker review tech nodes


The platform will interact with normal Ethereum addresses and MultiSig contracts for its core functionalities. Currently we do not integrate with any services, but for a public network deploy we would integrate with services like Shapeshift and exchanges to make the good thing, but value stored in the token ow from at/crypto currencies to and itself is important as well. Liquidity is a good thing, but value stored in the token itself is important as well. Especially for the target users.

The DataBroker roadmap is provided on a abstract level. This image is not covering the whole timeline but provides an insight in the coming months. The start of the project was in early 2016. The team has planned its development till 2024. More information on this in their white paper.

databroker review roadmap

Read the DataBroker Whitepaper

DataBroker Token

The DTX token is a utility token in the Databroker DAO platform14. The DTX token is a ERC20 compliant token with 18 decimals. The token will serve as the credits to buy and sell sensor data within the platform. Apart from the initial use in the platform, the token is based upon the MiniMe15 standard.

databroker analysis token distribution

5% is reserved for team incentives over the coming 4 years. 30% or 67.500.000 tokens will be locked up until January 1st, 2021. Effectively decreasing the available supply signi cantly for the foreseeable future.

DataBroker ICO process


The presale phase of this token sale event starts on March 19th, 2018 at 4PM CET. During this presale a 50% token

bonus applies (6000 DTX/ETH) and the minimum purchase amount during this period is 10 ETH.


The main sale will start March 26th, 2018 at 4PM CET.

The sale will run for 4 week. The rate for this phase is 4000 DTX per ETH. ()

Only on the rst day a 10% bonus will be awarded.

Before and during the token sale, a referral system is in effect. Contributions via a referral link will result in a bonus

of 5% of the tokens sold via a referral link. These tokens are part of the locked reserve and do not increase or affect the total amount of tokens, nor the maximum amount of tokens offered.

Unsold tokens will be kept by the platform. In case of a signi cant ETH rate (1000 USD/ETH) change leading up to the sale will cause a recalculation according to the same formula used above.


The tokens will be issued and be tradable 1 week after the sale ends (April 30th, 2018).

At this point in time we have a commitment to list the DTX token on at that time and are identifying one or two more exchanges to list it on, by that time

The DataBroker DAO was conceptualised at SettleMint in late 2016. The dynamics of the market and the opportunities it brings immediately sparked the development of the rst proof of concepts. SettleMint is a Belgian/Dubai based startup focussed on creating tools to make building blockchain applications easy by any IT team.


databroker analysis team

databroker analysis advisors partners

Launching customers

Building a platform and business like DataBroker DAO requires real sellers and buyers of IoT sensor data. Over the past couple of months we have been hard at work integrating these parties into an alliance. A few months ago, we already announced the first two official members of this DataBroker DAO alliance, YUKTIX and SENTHUS. Today we are proud to announce DESIDEDATUM, IQUADRAT, SKYLARK and TECHNILOG have joined.

DataBroker Contact & Community

Website Telegram Twitter Facebook Linkedin

DataBroker Reviews

“By implementing the blockchain technology, DataBroker DAO provides a credible and trustworthy marketplace for data consumers and buyers to transact with each other. A fully functioning beta version of the platform is available for users looking to try out the platform. In summary, according to their whitepaper; In a sense, DataBroker DAO can be likened to a “secondary market” for IoT sensor data and has been referred to as an “eBay” or “Amazon” for IoT sensor data.”

By Angela Scott-Briggs TechBullion

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HQ location: Hong  Kong
Development Fase:  prototype to launch, large market to enter
ICO Starts:  15 March 2018    ->  KYC
Hard cap:  18.000.000 TEU tokens (= around 4500ETH)
Token supply:  100.000.000 TEU  tokens  [ERC20]
Payment methods:      BTC  –  ETH

TEU is a cryptocurrency designed as a booking deposit to fix the industry pain points of No Show Bookings.

Around 90% of world trade is carried by the international shipping industry.Without shipping the import and export of goods on the scale necessary for the modern world would not be possible.There are over 50,000 merchant ships trading internationally, transporting every kind of cargo. The world fleet is registered in over 150 nations, and manned by over a million seafarers of virtually every nationality.

300cubits’ solution is built on blockchain. It is secure and independent of middlemen e.g. clearing houses and banks. Competing booking deposit solutions are non-blockchain based, and require involvement of financial middlemen. Their use of fiat currencies means industry users will have to provide working capital and bear the costs of capital e.g. interest payments.

For Retailers

Retailers seek to maximize sales with the lowest inventories. This requires a highly functioning supply chain.

For Container Liners Container liners need their ships to sail fully loaded for maximum profitability. Gaps in the supply chain force ships to sail with un-filled capacity.

For Consumers The majority of products in your malls and stores get there by container ship. But supply chain inefficiencies add to the prices you get charged. TEU Tokens help eliminate these inefficiencies.

The solution could easily be replicated vertically to feedering, trucking and freight forwarding or horizontally to airfreight or other non-container shipping etc segments, any booking process where the booking is not securitized by any collateral.

teu problemThe solution requires zero alteration to the users’ enterprise systems for Day 1 Go- Live, which allows the solution to come to the market independent of and quicker than the users’ internal system development efforts. Users desiring integration between the public blockchain and proprietary systems may choose to undertake internal projects in subsequent phases.

teu review concept

300cubits is developing an ecosystem enabling the use of digital currencies in shipping. Among the suite of system modules to be developed, the Booking Deposit Module will be the first to go live. This Module will be delivered in the form of a cloud- based web application linking to smart contracts deployed in Ethereum blockchain via APIs. The Booking Deposit Module will enable token holders to place their TEU token deposits onto the Smart Contracts. A prototype has been launched in October 2017.

Like the TEU Ecosystem, the Booking Deposit Module will be composed of three primary layers:

▪ Ethereum as the Foundation Layer that executes the smart contracts ▪ Intermediate Layer that performs the translation function ▪ Application Layer that hosts the applications

teu review how it works 2

300cubits has engaged Kinetix to review the Fundamental Layer and to build the Intermediate Layer and Application Layer of the production system, which is expected to go live on 15 June 2018. Kinetix is leading IT firm found in Hong Kong with over 18 years of track records completing over 600 contracts in providing services and solutions to the Hong Kong government, insurance companies, public utility companies in HK and Macau, and numerous companies in private sector.


Slow industry adoption: Blockchain and digital currency are novel ideas for the container shipping industry. The industry may be slow in adopting the solution.

The token distribution mechanism will incentivise early adopters and mandate the companies holding the tokens to maintain a certain level of token activity. A group of end customers are considering joining the project not only as customers but also as joint promoters.

Copy-cat offerings: 300cubits’ solution of issuing a digital currency to create a valuable digital asset for use as booking deposit is not patented. There is risk of other competitors copying 300cubits’ method.

The free distribution of tokens to the industry participants hopefully can instil a vested interest among the industry participants to protect the value of TEU tokens, leading to rejection or marginalization of other similar tokens being introduced into the container shipping industry. There are dis-economies of scale to managing multiple digital currencies with different attributes for the same business solution.

300Cubits Roadmap

teu review roadmap

Read the proper 300Cubits white paper!

The 300Cubits TEU Token

The TEU token is introduced free of charge at a time when both the container liners and the shippers seek a less capital-intensive solution for their No Show and Rolling problems. The tokens will be given for free to the users so long as they use the tokens at least 12 times a year; and the users can pay for usage of the Booking Deposit Module by the tokens given to them.

teu token allocation

All the tokens given for free to the industry will be subject to a 2-year lock-up whereby the token holders must use the restricted tokens in their daily operations, initially as booking deposits. The holders are required to turn over the tokens 24 times (once a month on average) within the 2-year restricted period.

The remaining 6% TEU tokens will be kept as compensation for the founders’ team with a 2-years sale restriction until 1 Aug 2019.

TEU ICO process

teu ico process

300Cubits core team & advisors

The TEU token is a project of 300cubits, which is owned by ETH Smart Contract Tech Ltd, a company based in Hong Kong which was founded on the 10th of June 2017.

teu review team

300cubits has engaged Kinetix to review the Fundamental Layer and to build the Intermediate Layer and Application Layer of the production system, which is expected to go live on 15 June 2018. Kinetix is leading IT firm found in Hong Kong with over 18 years of track records

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Review on 300Cubits

“By using the TEU token primarily for deposits and receiving it back afterwards, there is no consumption –which is the key driver for demand- but only moving the same asset forward and backwards. Once industry players have acquired the amount of tokens they require for deposit purposes, they would not have a need to purchase more tokens; or trade them in the open market either, because they need to keep them for paying deposits.

To purchase TEU tokens purely as an investment is seen as highly speculative; no case can be made currently for sustained price growth. If the price does actually rise in the open market, then it is expected to reach a plateau.”

By CryptosisTeam on Cryptosis

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HQ location: Hong Kong
Development Fase:  prototype IOS app, ICO for funding & marketing
ICO Starts:  TBA (March)    -> Register here!
Hard cap: TBA
Token supply: BTHR tokens  [ERC20]
Payment methods:      BTC  –  ETH – Fiat currencies

Blockchain-powered betting and unique social elements deliver the most engaging and secure betting platform on the market.

Bethereum is designed to tackle the key challenges of conventional betting, it delivers a host of unique features and improvements. Starting with sport betting, our vision is to develop a wider ecosystem and establish the Bether token as the betting market standard


  •   All of us have, at some point in our lives, made a bet with somebody else
  •   Betting was originally a social activity, but it has lost its social nature
  •   Conventional betting is highly centralised, taking power away from players and placing it in the hands of bookmakers
  •   By removing the middleman and leveraging blockchain technology, a whole new era of safe and transparent betting can be ushered
  •   Bethereum is poised to reinvent online betting as a social activity
  •   We aim to develop a broad ecosystem fuelled by our Bether digital token

bethereum analysis market

Bethereum harnesses the power of blockchain to deliver a betting platform you can fully trust. But it’s the exclusive combination of features, design and social elements that truly sets apart our solution from the competition.

bethereum review featuresTo provide users with the best balance of user experience and security, we will offer two options to set up their wallets during account creation:

1. Default (good security, fast setup): We generate a wallet for the user, encrypting the private key using the login credentials, inaccessible to us or any third party

2. Optional (top security, slower setup): The user generates the wallet using the open- source Bethereum Wallet app, saving the private key locally and backing up the mnemonic phrase for wallet recovery

bethereum review concept tech 3 elementsBethereum is safe, transparent, provably fair, and simple to use. It’s this easy: you create a bet on one or more events, designating the minimum amount and how winnings will be split. Others join the bet (with their own event predictions). After the events end, Smart Contracts automatically calculate the winnings and award Bether tokens based on the agreed split (e.g., winner takes all).

bethereum review concept techOur business model is based on the following revenue streams:

  •   fees and commissions from the Bethereum platform (e.g., sponsored groups and bets, in- app purchases for special services, High Roller Club)
  •   commissions from partners adopting the Bethereum Core Framework
  •   fees for white-label solutions
  •   revenue share from third-party developers

Bethereum Roadmap

bethereum review roadmap

Read the very neat Bethereum white paper!

Bethereum review teamBethereum review team 2

Bethereum Token BTHR

bethereum token review

Bether (BTHR) is the ERC20 digital token powering Bethereum. All platform transactions and the majority of ecosystem payments will be carried out in Bether. Designed as a deflationary token, it has strong potential for increase in value and liquidity. Bether will trade on major exchanges and is fully compatible with Ether wallets such as MyEtherWallet.

bethereum analysis tokenTokens allocated to the Long Term Budget will vest over the period of 400 days, releasing 25% of the Budget every 100 days. These tokens may be primarily used to finance incentive schemes for new employees or attractive extra-budgetary opportunities.

Tokens distributed to core team members will also be subject to vesting, in 20% increments over a period of 72 weeks commencing at the end of the token sale. The vesting process will be automatically regulated by a Smart Contract.

Bethereum ICO process

bethereum token sale review


Bethereum Community & Contact







Review on Bethereum

“While there have been a number of notable decentralized betting startups recently, none have taken the approach that Bethereum has embarked on. Bethereum differs by focusing its philosophy around socially-interactive betting that is determined primarily by its community. As for Bethereum’s ICO case, the naturally decreasing supply through token burning could lead to scarcity and thus drive the price up. This is, of course, contingent on the token’s adoption, so it is really important that the Bethereum network is able to gather enough users after is has launched. “

By Alex Coinbureau

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HQ location: Canada (registered in Switzerland)
Development Fase:  product of existing company Left, beta SDK, alpha pilots
ICO Starts:  15 February 2018    ->  Whitelist & KYC
Soft cap:  $20.000.000
Hard cap: $240.000.000
Token supply: MBX tokens  [ERC20]
Payment methods:      BTC  –  ETH – XRP – LTC – BCH – DASH

mobilink stakeholder concept

mobilink review concept

mobilink concept review sim

mobilink review features

MobiLink roadmap

Mobilink analysis roadmap

Read the MobiLink white paper!

The MobiLink token

The MBX token is Ethereum based (ERC 20) and will give the token holder the right to:

  •   Receive one international SIM card for each $300 invested.
  •   Receive free voice and data services as long as the Mobilink network is operational.
  •   Be part of the Mobilink token ecosystem and earn tokens by using their phone and interacting with advertisers.
  •   Be able to exchange their earned tokens directly on their phones for other crypto-currencies and fiat currencies.

mobilink analysis tokens

The Mobilink team has allocated the token distribution in such a way that it would allow us to build a global network. We have reserved 15% of the tokens for our team and advisers. The rest of the tokens will be reserved for token holders, building out the network and the network reserve. The reserve will be used by the network to pay out Mobilink tokens as part of our ad revenue distribution model. Unsold tokens in the public sale will be added to the network reserve. For team members there are agreements in place to prevent selling of all tokens until after 1 year.

MobiLink ICO process

Our ICO will launch from February 20 to April-15, 2018 which is open to the world, USA and Canadian residence can register but not yet invest until the 2nd stage of the ICO. This may change during the 1st Stage of the ICO, and we will advise everyone as soon as we have updates from the OSC and SEC.

We plan to launch our 2nd stage of our ICO from April 15 to May-15, 2018, in the 2nd stage of our ICO launch we will advise if both USA and Canadian residence will be able to invest. Mobilink SIM Cards as a stand-alone product will be available for purchase from Mobilink Networks for everyone worldwide including USA and Canadian citizens at any time.

In the event that the ICO crowd sale does not hit the soft cap, the project will move ahead regardless of what is raised. It is projected that there is more than 2 million sim card that will distributed by our partners, distributers and agents after the ICO ends. Coin holders will most likely see the value of the coin increase on exchanges since activity with the Mobilink Coin will increase via all its users.

MOBILINK ICO is a jointly founded organization, whose concept and creation was a group effort by a large team of highly creative and dedicated people.

MOBILINK-COIN is incorporated in Ontario Canada, with some of our Technical Engineering, R&D and Telecom operations being based in the USA/UK & Philippines. We have advisors and collaborators from all over the world, including Israel, Switzerland and UK.

Mobilink review team

Mobilink review advisors

Mobilink review partners

MobiLink locations

83 Reynolds Street, Oakville, ON, L6J 3K3, Canada

Level 10, Fort Legend Tower, 3rd Ave and 31st Street, Bonifacio Global City, Philippines

369 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10017

MobiLink community

PROMOTIONAL VIDEOS: *️⃣PROOF OF CONCEPT: 1️⃣Our CEO: 2️⃣Simcard review : 3️⃣Team members on Philippines: 4️⃣Introducing Mobilinkcoin:

MobiLink reviews

“Idea is not just important but you need to see that if they can achieve the goal with the team that they have. One can make super Hifi project and can give a damn super lucid explanation in white paper but until things are implemented investors are at the risk.”

By |Admiral|  Senior member BitcoinTalk

There are many reviews on Mobilink. Also some notifying MobiLink as a scam project. Please check them out!

Mobilink ico from icocrypto

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In order to provide correct information on this cryptocurrency most of the content comes directly from the particular cryptocurrency. Source:

Note:  Investing in an ICO has risks.  The listed ICO’s are not an investment advice. Although these ICO’s  match our own criteria, we have picked them based on desk research and after comparison with other ICO’s. New to ICO’s? Please read our article on ICO’s first.

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