How to get verified on Binance

This guide shows you how you can get a verified account on the Binance exchange. With a basic account the withdrawal limit is just 2 bitcoin every 24 hours(at the point of writing around $10.000). With a verified account you can withdraw 100 bitcoin every 24 hours(at the point of writing around $500.000). So if you are planning to make millions it is a good idea to verify your account.

Guide difficulty
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    1. Login to
    2. Enable 2fa (two factor authentication).
    3. in the top right corner click on ‘submit verification documents’.submit-verification-documents
    4. Fill in your First and last name, gender, country of residence and your passport number/ID.verification-documents-binance
    5. Upload a picture of the cover of your passport

    1. Upload a picture of the information page of your passport
    2. And of course upload a nice selfie of holding your passport, showing the info page and holding a little note with the date and the word Binance written on it.
    3. You do not get any information from Binance once your account is verified. You can check it once you log back in after a few days. It should show up like this: binance-verified-account


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8 responses to “How to get verified on Binance”

  1. Sal says:

    How secure is Binance? How can I be sure that my information will be protected?

  2. Kevin says:

    I have taken the picture of front and back of drivers license as well as a selfie with me holding my license and a paper that says the word Binance with the date and unlock my account. When I try to submit it gives me an error message that says upload picture cased and error. How do I get passed this? I have been trying everything possible that I can think off for the past three days now. Pictures are stored on my computer as jpg.

  3. PJ says:

    Kevin, I’m having the exact same issue. When you get an answer please share.

  4. Kim says:

    yo Kevin, same problem here man!

    Any sollutions yet?

  5. Binance crypto verified coupon February 2018 uk – billie-joe says:

    […] How to get verified on Binance – ONE2CRYPTO […]

  6. mw says:

    i get the same error

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