How to set-up Two factor authentication(2fa) on Binance

This guide shows you how to set up Two factor Authenticator on the Binance exchange. This step is really important as it adds a second security layer on your Binance trading account.

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Binance is one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in China. Yet it is not located in China so it doesn’t fall under Chinese regulation. It has all of the big trading pairs, as well as trading pairs to USDT. Their website supports multiple languages; English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian and Spanish. A Lot of volume is being traded at Binance. Also their system can handle 1.400.000 orders per second. Binance does not support Fiat currencies (eg USD, EUR). Their support channels respond quickly and are helpful. Binance offers its own cryptocurrency: Binance Coin (BNB). You can use this coin to get 50% discount on trading fees.”

A password is easy to steal from someone with a simple keylogger. Cryptocurrencies are of course worth money so it is important to protect them. Binance offers 2fa or Two factor authenticator. On Binance you have two options:

  • SMS Authenticator (China only)
  • Google Authenticator

SMS authenticator speaks for itself. After you fill in your email and password when logging in you receive a text message(SMS) with a code you have to fill in to fully login. This service is currently only available on Binance for China.


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How to set-up 2fa Two factor authentication with Google authenticator on Binance

    1. If you have an android phone go to the Google Play store or if you are on a mobile device click here. If you have an IOS device go to the Appstore or if you are on a mobile device click here.
    2. Download Google Authenticator and install it on your mobile device.
    3. Login to Binance with your email and password.
    4. Once logged in you should see 2fa on the main screen.binance-2fa-google-authenticator
    5. Click on Google Authenticator
    6. Once you are on this page it is REALLY IMPORTANT to save the 2FA Backup Key.Binance-2-factor-authenticator
    7. Write down this key and save it somewhere safe. Another tip is to printscreen this page and print it and save it in a heatproof vault. This key is important, if your phone crashes or you lose it it saves you a lot of problems if you just save this key. You can add the key to a new device easely.
    8. Once you installed Google Authenticator on your phone open the application.
    9. Press the + button and either scan the QR code or fill in the backup key.
    10. Google Authenticator now shows a 6 digit code that refreshes every 30 seconds.
    11. On the Binance website fill in your password and the google authenticator code that displays on your phone and press submit. (see image at number 6). You have to make sure that you fill in your password in the first box, and your google authenticator code in the second box.
    12. Check your email and click the confirm link.Google-authenticator-confirmation-email
    13. You now activated Google Authenticator on your Binance account.

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    14. Start trading on Binance: “How to trade on Binance?”
    15. Happy trading!


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38 responses to “How to set-up Two factor authentication(2fa) on Binance”

  1. WJ says:

    What do you enter in the “Password” box (step 11). Your Binance password? Or google password?
    I keep getting password incorrect and/or binding failed.

    • dvs_one2crypto says:

      When setting it up you should be able to fill in 2 boxes, one is your password and one is your 2fa code.

    • shams says:

      i get the same message. have you figured it out. i need some help please

      • dvs_one2crypto says:

        Hello Shams,

        You have 2 text area’s in the first one the one on top you fill in your Binance password. In the lower text area you fill in the Google Authenticator code with 6 digits. We also updated the post to make it more clear.

        Happy trading

    • Hung says:

      I had the same question, which password, google rom binance

    • anthony r says:

      i figured it out instead of using the numbers pad to input your authenticator number use the numbers above your letters on the keyboard, had the same problem and remembered that they are actually a different code technically… hope this helps!!

  2. Laura says:

    Ive done all this and still says binding failed?? Can someone please help

    • dvs_one2crypto says:

      We suggest changing your password first. then deleting the connected pair on your google authenticator app. Then re-adding the qr code.

      Happy Trading!

      • Tara says:

        Which password do I need to change? google auth password, the google app password, my google mail password or the biance password?

        • dvs_one2crypto says:

          You don’t have a password in Google authenticator. You can change your Binance password first. Then delete the paired binance google authenticator code from your Google authenticator App. Then re-add the the 2fa in your App by scanning the QR code on the binance website.

  3. Роман says:

    как быть если не сохранил ключ и сменил телефон…

    • dvs_one2crypto says:

      Затем мы советуем вам связаться с каналом поддержки Binance

  4. Lawrence says:

    When setting the authenticator up for Binance I did not take note of the Backup Key and recently I got a new phone and have lost the codes from the app. I can not get logged into Binance is there anything I can do to recover a code to get access to my funds?

  5. stereotypi says:

    Wenn mit der Anmeldung nicht klappt.
    Altes Passwort (von Binance)löschen und neues erstellen. man benötigt auch nur das passwort kein Usernamen!!!

    Bei mir hat es dann geklappt

  6. Jackie says:

    really stupid thing, take the space out of between the 2 three digit codes generated by GA did the trick

  7. santosh says:

    Binance binding is failing with google authenticator even after binance password change. Please help

    • dvs_one2crypto says:

      We would suggest contacting the Binance Support

    • anthony r says:

      i figured it out instead of using the numbers pad to input your authenticator number use the numbers above your letters on the keyboard, had the same problem and remembered that they are actually a different code technically… hope this helps!!

  8. Bob says:

    When asked for the password, are they looking for the Binance password or my Google Acct password or my gmail password? I’ve tried all and still get “binding failed”?

  9. abe says:

    i had the same problem “binding failed” i changed my password and removed all special characters. (letters & numbers only) and it worked on my 1st try

  10. Cliff says:

    I registered at Binance today and chose the SMS auth (I live in Norway and did not know that it only worked in China). I received an sms code and logged into my account, and then deposited some bitcoin to my account. I am now trying to log in, but I cannot get past the SMS auth. I do not receive any SMS code, and I cannot figure out what I am suppose to do to fix this. It is extra frustrating as i have already deposited money to the account. Does anyone has any suggestion to who I may contact og what I am suppose to do?

    • dvs_one2crypto says:

      Weird that you even could activate your SMS should not be possible when you have a different phone number then a Chinese one. We suggest to contact the Binance support they can fix it for sure. All you can do is wait. OR you could consider your funds as a loss and create a new account, wait for the support to fix the issue and then send the BTC from one account to the other account.

  11. Alan Hicks says:

    Binding failed, binding failed, binding failed…over and over and over. I have done everything correctly for days, that I know to do. I am registered on 4 other exchanges and have never had any 2FA problems with any of them. Why do so many people have trouble with binding falied on your site. It is all over the Internet about 2FA binding failed on Binance. Why?

    • dvs_one2crypto says:

      Hey Alan, that sucks man.. we don’t know why that many people have issues, we suppose its something withing their system. Contact support! goodlcuk

    • anthony r says:

      i figured it out instead of using the numbers pad to input your authenticator number use the numbers above your letters on the keyboard, had the same problem and remembered that they are actually a different code technically… hope this helps!!

  12. MICHAEL B says:

    On step 9, is pressing the + button the same as pressing “begin setup”? May sound like a stupid question but I don’t see a + button.

  13. MICHAEL B says:

    Ok, so I open GA, press begin setup, select scan code, scan the QR, press the + button, then the 6 digit code appears. Is that correct? Sorry for being naive but I’ve not done this before. Thanks for your help.

    • dvs_one2crypto says:

      Almost fully correct, if you scan the QR code you don’t have to use the + button anymore. The code will appear into your GA. You have to fill in the code on Binance tho. And make sure you backup the authenticator backup key that the binance website shows you.

  14. Cheryl says:

    Do I need to enter a google authenticator code every time I log in?

  15. Martin says:

    Hola. soy de Argentina, y cada vez que voy a iniciar secion en Binance luego de poner mi mail y contraseña me pide mandar sms para ingresar el codigo.
    Mi duda es si estos sms se me van a cobrar a mi? o si son gratis? porque si me los va a cobrar la compañia mobil me gustaría desactivarlo, se puede ingresar de otra manera?
    veo que dicen solo en China con sms, pero yo como digo soy de Argentina y la unica forma que tengo de loguearme es con el codigo que me llega al celular… desde ya, muchas gracias

    • dvs_one2crypto says:

      Me gustaría iniciar sesión una vez con SMS y luego desactivar esta forma de autenticación y cambiar a Google Authenticator. Esta forma se garantiza de forma gratuita.

  16. Carlos says:

    No puedo ingresar a binance, ya hice la verificacion de dos pasos sincronize los relojes de la pc y del telefono (Iphone) y aun asi me arroja 2FA Fail al ingresar el codigo de 6 digitos del autenticador

  17. Tim-M says:

    Hello, recently tarted messing with crypto. I already have GA on my android mobile. I am concerned that in downloading another GA, the connections on the first GA will be lost.????Your thoughts please.

    • dvs_one2crypto says:

      Hello Tim,

      First of all it is important to save the 2fa backup keys. You can use 2 devices at the same time. So you can setup a backup mobile phone where you add your 2fa codes to. If one device crashes you still got a backup device. Read step 6 of our article!

      Happy Trading

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