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5 ICO’s to watch – January 2018

After the success of 5 ICO’s to watch in december, we decided to write a new article with our top picks for Januari 2018. Read this article to learn about 5 ICO’s to watch in Januari 2018.

Our top 5 based on experience, team, roadmap, strategy & growth potential:

  1. Neon Exchange (NEX)
  2. Experty (EXY)
  3. Crypterium (CPRT)
  4. Iungo (ING)
  5. FluzFluz (FLUZ)

Note:  Investing in an ICO has risks.  The listed ICO’s are not an investment advice. Although these ICO’s  match our own criteria, we have picked them based on desk research and after comparison with other ICO’s. New to ICO’s? Please read this article first.

Neon Exchange NEX

HQ location: Europe
Fase:  alpha prototype, top universities involved, in cooperation with NEO
Starts: to be announced (Q1 2018)
Hard cap: to be announced
Payment methods:

  • to be announced


NEX combines the NEO blockchain with an off-chain matching engine to enable much faster and more complex trades than existing decentralized exchanges

Today, cryptocurrencies are primarily traded on centralized exchanges where user funds are at risk to hackers and platform managers. Decentralized exchanges (DEXs) allow users to retain control of their funds as trades are mediated by smart contracts on a blockchain, but on-chain computation is generally too slow to keep up with high volume order books.

Neon Exchange (NEX), is a new decentralized exchange on the NEO blockchain that applies a publicly verifiable off-chain matching engine to handle massive trading volume and support complex orders (such as limit orders) that are not possible on existing DEXs. NEX also introduces a payment service and funds management layer that enables thirdparty smart contracts on NEO to send and receive global assets as part of their computation. To fund developments and future expansion into related services, NEX will issue 50 million tokens that give holders a share of profits in its services.

NEX 3 keys

NEX will be incorporated in Zug, Switzerland. NEX is currently cooperating closely with Swiss financial authorities to ensure compliance in order to protect investors.


Off-chain Matching Engine An off-chain matching engine allows NEX to benefit from the performance characteristics of centralized exchanges, while maintaining a decentralized user account model based on the blockchain. Orders are signed and sent from user addresses to the matching engine, where they are quickly and deterministically processed using high-performance hardware. Matched orders are then signed off-chain and committed back to user accounts on the blockchain

nex exchangeTypes of Orders Unlike existing decentralized exchanges, which only support point-to-point orders that allow tokens to be traded at a fixed price, NEX supports more complex trades such as limit and market orders. Below we describe the types of trades available in NEX

Type Description:

  • Limit Exchange tokens above or below a given price ratio
  • Market Exchange one token for another at the current market price
  • Margin2 Borrow with leverage to go long or short on a token

NEX is able to support these complex order types due to the speed and flexibility of its matching engine, which is not limited by slow computation cycles on the blockchain.

Payment Service The NEX payment service allows NEO smart contracts to interact with assets that live outside of the NEO virtual machine. For example, a user might use the payment service to make transactions across chains, sending ETH to a NEO smart contract that then distributes it among their friends’ NEO addresses. In the future, the payment service will support assets on other blockchains or non-digital assets such as USD, serving as a gateway for the trade of off-chain assets on NEX. In the near term, however, the payment service is designed to provide a similar function for global assets on the NEO blockchain such as NEO and GAS. More broadly, the payment service provides a starting point for reasoning about how a decentralized exchange can interact with assets on other chains.

Nex payment


Click here to read the NEX whitepaper.


NEX has implemented alpha prototypes of all the smart contracts described in this paper, and will release these publicly in Q4 2017. NEX also has begun on prototypes for the trading interface and matching engine. NEX strongly believes in a transparent development process where possible, and will be open sourcing much of our early work to benefit the NEO community. See their Github account for updates and more information: https://github.com/neonexchange.

NEX roadmap


The NEX token allows holders to claim a share of fees generated by the payment service and exchange. In total, 50 million tokens will be issued that entitle holders to a share of the fees taken by the exchange and payment service. NEX holders can claim their profits through a staking process, where claims on the staked NEX operate similar to GAS claim calculations on the NEO network. In this way, token holders who stake NEX benefit directly from the success of the exchange services: as more fees are generated, holders will receive larger rewards. Please note: legal and regulatory policy may require changes in this token model. We aim to be as transparent as possible with the NEX community, and will share any updates as they occur.

Token Sale NEX will hold a token sale in Q1 2018. We plan to sell 25 million tokens to the public, of a total pool of 50 million. We will announce more details for the sale as soon as they have been worked out with our legal advisors. We aim to be maximally compliant with regulators, and will attempt to include as many countries as possible in the sale.

Nex team

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According to GlobalHalo

“NEX looks poised to be an extremely lucrative investment for those that can handle a little bit of risk – while ICO’s are inherently risky, it is apparent to me that the stars are aligning for NEX to be a successful project in the future. A great usecase, a currently unfulfilled market, and backing by Da Hongfei make this project an overall win. Look to buy these tokens as soon as possible, either during presale, crowdsale (token metrics permitting), or day one on exchanges.”

Experty EXY

Fase:  active since 2014, working product, scalable
Starts: 15 Januar 2018
Hard cap: 33.000 ETH
Standard:  ERC223
Token supply:  100.000.000
Payment methods:

  • BTC,
  • ETH,
  • EURO/Dollar via SWISS banking


Our current focus is on solving the talent crisis in the blockchain community by allowing experts to monetize their skills through a skype-like voice and video application. Payments are handled through an automated smart contract system using Experty’s native token EXY. This will let companies obtain the talent they need, allowing the blockchain community to continue to expand and flourish.

Our mission is to encourage the adoption of cryptocurrency on a global scale by creating an intuitive, easy to use application that is suitable for wide scale usage. We expect mass adoption within the next 3 years. Anyone who needs to make a consultation via the Experty app will also have a cryptocurrency wallet in their pocket.

experty plugins


experty case

1.Instant access There are a lack of incentives to share phone numbers with strangers and answer their calls. Experty aims to solve this problem. Through Experty any influencer, professional, or expert can grant instant access to their knowledge from anywhere in the world to anyone in the world.

2.Instant answers Calls can be made over Experty with very little setup. This means that answers from qualified experts can be obtained at short notice. Per minute rates are set by publicly rated experts, and refunds can be given via the smart contract if they fail to provide adequate service.

3.Instant payment Experty allows experts to be paid instantly for time they spend on a call, without going through third party intermediaries. Callers don’t have to pay upfront, as payment is handled during the call through our smart contract system.

experty tools


Check Experty FAQ here.

Download Experty Whitepaper  here.


experty roadmap


The Experty Token (EXY) is a major constituent of the Experty platform. EXY is created only during the Token Generation Event. EXY is a utility token that will be used for the following:

EXY will be used for all feeless payments from advice seekers to knowledge providers EXY will be staked by users for access to premium features EXY will be used by advice seekers as a deposit for advance scheduling with a knowledge provider All use cases above have 0 additional fees in order to use them. All this comes 100% free for EXY users.

There are additional fees, always paid in EXY, for additional services.

If a knowledge provider accepts other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum or Bitcoin (RSK will make it possible) then the knowledge provider will be obliged to pay monthly subscription fees in EXY We plan to integrate stable coins in the future to accept FIAT based tokens like USD and EUR. This will make the application easier to use for non crypto-wise people (all FIAT based tokens will be kept on the blockchain like USDT). We plan to work with different FIAT based tokens providers. This service will have additional fees, always paid in EXY

experty token overviewexperty token distri


experty team

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According to Agnus Cepka, Medium

Short Term:

The short term potential of this ICO is very good. Experty has a low market cap, significant hype and is Ethereum based (which means it will be exchange listed immediately on Etherdelta). This presents an excellent flipping opportunity — but only for those who received bonuses in the pre-sale. For investors who don’t receive bonuses, there is less of an upside.

Long Term:

The longer term potential of this project is less clear. While the idea is good, and the road map looks promising, there is a lot of competition in this area. It is unclear how Experty will be able to poach customers from the incumbents. I would like to see a clearer marketing plan from the team. Nevertheless, I am cautiously optimistic about the chances of success.


Crypterium CRPT

Fase:  active since 2013, mvp, large community
Ends:  13 January 2018
Hard cap:  $47.000.000
Standard:  ERC20
Token supply:  300.000.000
Payment methods:

  • BTC,
  • ETH,
  • EURO/Dollar


Crypterium’s goal is to provide a complete vertically integrated service that encompasses the best ideas from the entire community of the world’s best blockchain enthusiasts.

Crypterium’s technology platform is based on algorithms that ensure the most efficient bid-offer matching across natural peer-to-peer flow as well as third party crypto-exchanges. All historical transactions are stored in a dedicated data-warehouses that continuously analyses the data to enhance risk management and identify predictive behaviours, and in turn enable Crypterium to optimize the cryptocurrency exchange process and better educate the customer on possible payment strategies, for example, it may highlight different payment mixes depending on the current cryptocurrencies valuations. In other words, everything possible is done to ensure that the customer gets the best deal.


crypterium focus

crypterium use cases

crypterium concept


Check Crypterium FAQ here.

Download Crypterium Whitepaper  here.


crypterium story

crypterium tokens structure

crypterium token roadmap

crypterium team

crypterium advisors

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According to Dan90, Medium:

“There’s no doubt that if cryptocurrency is to go mainstream then crypto banks will play a large part in the future. The platform offers very low transaction fees compared to fiat options and makes the exchanging of crypto for payments much simpler. The team behind the project looks very strong and some of the advisors have been founders and CEOs of huge companies, I doubt they’d want their name associated with the project if they didn’t believe in it. The token sale has so far been selling fast and may reach the hard cap before the 75 day sale so it’s best to early.”


Iungo ING

Fase:  started in 2016, mvp, go to market
HQ location:  Europe
  31 Januari 2018
Hard cap:  $19.200.000
Standard:  ERC20
Token supply:  50.000.000
Payment methods:

  • BTC,
  • ETH,
  • Litecoin,
  • Visa,
  • Mastercard


Iungo is the Open-source platform that enables anyone to become a local internet provider in the global WiFi network

What problem are you solving? Internet access is a basic need but it does not have a public domain version.

The “right to internet” or “freedom to connect” is a 15-year old movement. For over a decade, several giant companies keep reporting on their plans to cover the planet with stratospheric balloons, nanosatellites, etc. However, the status quo has not changed much.

iungo intro


How do you solve this problem? The solution: a swarm of hotspots

Whatever new types of carriers may arrive (air balloons, for example), such solutions will remain monopolistic. Thus, WiFi is likely to remain the only feasible technology for a fair solution.

As examples of pseudo-p2p services such as Airbnb or Uber show, their approach decreases prices insignificantly at a cost of monstrous monopolisation and conflicts at many business and social levels. The network must belong to no one to serve the purpose.

Why decentralise? It hasn’t worked otherwise. By going decentralized, we completely change the economic toolset and approach the task of the freedom to connect from the other side. We build not a vertically integrated solution but a smart middleware. The system will be ‘politically’ decentralized since there is no point of central governance or single manufacturer dependance.

IUNGO will be partnering with Mysterium Network to be the first 3rd party add-on in the IUNGO application ecosystem. It will enable IUNGO WiFi users not only to access the internet anywhere in the world but will also make the connection completely anonymous.


Check Iungo FAQ here.

Download Iungo Whitepaper  here.


iungo roadmap

iungo token

ICO Starts: 7th of December, 2017 Ends: 31th of January, 2018

ERC20 compatible ING tokens will be issued to Ethereum addresses.

Tokens will be transferable right after ICO ends. Unsold tokens will be burned.

iungo team

iungo advisors

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FluzFluz FLUZ

Fase:  started in 2016, active in South America, focus on expanding
HQ location:  South America & Gibraltar
  31 January 2018
Hard cap:  $20.480.000
Standard:  ERC20
Token supply:  300.000.000
Payment methods:

  • BTC,
  • ETH,
  • Shapeshift,
  • Visa,
  • Mastercard


FluzFluz disrupts the traditional shopping experience through an alternate, more rewarding avenue. In the FluzFluz consumer network model, all participants make money, thereby creating high consumer stickiness and a sustainable business model.

MAKE MONEY AS OTHERS SHOP Get your premier seats membership in global consumer network

fluzfluz earn points

FluzFluz disrupts the traditional shopping experience through an alternate, more rewarding avenue. In the FluzFluz consumer network model, all participants make money, thereby creating high consumer stickiness and a sustainable business model.

  1. Already working product, active community and proven cash-back payouts!
  2. More than 200 cash-back partners including global top brands.
  3. Tradability of premier seat itself and FLUZ token to acquire premier seats. Receive cash-back benefits or sell your seat

fluzfluz partners


CASH BACK TRADABILITY For each purchase of a digital retail card Fluz coins are accumulated. Fluz crypto coins can then be used to buy new gift cards or be redeemed into other cryptocurrencies. Future Fluz reward coins are not to be confused with FLUZ tokens.

PREMIER SEAT TRADABILITY ERC20 FLUZ tokens can be used to purchase premier seat memberships and to grant cash-back superpowers to a Fluz account. New owners can access the seat through the Fluz Fluz app. Then they receive cash-backs from the seat’s premier membership in the network.


Check FluzFluz FAQ here.

Download FluzFluz Whitepaper  here.

fluzfluz roadmap


fluzfluz token

fluzfluz token distri

fluzfluz team

fluzfluz advisors

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according to Cryptorated (0-5 score):

fluzfluz review

Get FluzFluz ICO bonus!

Use this referral code during your ICO application to get 5% FLUZ token during the ICO:


In order to provide correct information on this cryptocurrency most of the content comes directly from the particular cryptocurrency. Source:  experty.io | crypterium.io | ico.fluzfluz.com | iungo.network | neonexchange.org

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