KuCoin review – One of the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchages

This article is about the KuCoin Cryptocurrency exchange review. We at One2Crypto are really fond of this exchange thats why we decided to write a review about the platform.

KuCoin is one of the fastest growing exchanges in the world. In January KuCoin reached 1 million registered users. They also entered the top 20 of exchanges with the most traded volume in the last 24hours.

KuCoin as a company reached the prestigious Unicorn status, reserved only for start ups that reach $ (1 billion usd) in value within the first year of operation. That is CRAZY!
So lets dive into the KuCoin exchange.KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange review

KuCoin trading interface

KuCoin has a really user-friendly interface. They call them selfs ‘the people’s exchange’ and yes they are user friendly. We think their interface looks really great. In November 2017 they gave their trading chart a rebuild. Since then it is more user friendly.

Chart interface

KuCoin rebuild the whole chart interface. Before they had a white chart area and a white interface. It did not work really nice and because of the feedback from the community they totally rebuild the chart interface. The chart that they use is from tradingview.com and works really well. Because it is a Tradingview chart you can set all kind of indicators to it. You can draw lines and works great for TA and you can just do it within the exchange. We really like this so we can just draw some stuff to decide if it is good to buy a crypto or not.

Tho we do think when you add indicators to the chart like Relative Strenght Index, it sometimes is not clearly visible because the default color is set to purple.
kucoin trading interface rsi

This is the KuCoin Trading interface. As you can see it is really clean, tho you cant really see the RSI indicator very well because it is purple.

This is the only thing we dislike from the chart area. You have SO many options you can set it just to the way you want. You can draw on the charts, add indicators and even set 8 different charts at one screen. We really like it. It has everything for the starting trader and for the most experienced day-trader that wants to do TA.2 different charts kucoin exchange cryptocurrency

The chart area where we chose to see 2 different charts, you can set this to more if you want (we did not have a really big screen to do it)

KuCoin Shares

KuCoin offeres their own cryptocurrency. If we explain it quickly we would say you could earn a passive cryptocurrency income holding KuCoin Shares. KuCoin splits 50% of their trading fee revenue with their token holders. So the more trading volume KuCoin gets the more you earn from holding KuCoin shares. We really like this concept and is really what KuCoin stands for, The peoples exchange. Everyone can profit from KuCoin being a succes. Learn more about KuCoin Shares (KCS) check this video or read our post about KuCoin shares.

KuCoin Speed

KuCoin’s website is really fast. In Europe we never have issue’s with their site speed. The best thing about KuCoin is that they process withdrawals and deposits really fast. When you withdrawal or deposit funds from or to KuCoin it us usually processed in minutes. Don’t forget the BTC or ETH network might be clogged up sometimes and thats why some transactions do not arrive within minutes.

KuCoin Volume

KuCoin’s trading volume is increasing a lot the last few months. In November they had a trading volume of around $8 million a day. Now they do an average of $300-500million a day. This means your buy or sell orders are usually filled within seconds. We think it is amazing that they are growing so fast. They are following into Binance exchange’s footsteps. KuCoin entered into the top 20 of exchanges with the most trading volume in January 2018.KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange trading volume

KuCoin’s trading volume om January 11, 2018

Adding new cryptocurrencies to KuCoin

KuCoin is really active adding new cryptocurrencies. This also contributed to their volume increase. KuCoin lists new cryptocurrencies almost every two days. In the last month they added a few big ones like uTrust, Deep brain chain, Raiblocks, Snovio and QLink.
KuCoin their support is really fast. They have a telegram channel that is growing quickly tho they try to answer your questions there pretty fast. We did not have any issues so we did not really test their support in the last weeks but in Oktober/november last year their support answered our questions within 24 hours.
KuCoin their marketing is amazing, not crazy that they have grown so fast. Right now they are giving out a Porsche 911, crazy stuff. We really like how active the KuCoin team is.

KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange Conclusion

In this review we checked the KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange. Our opinion about KuCoin: We think KuCoin is a good, user friendly, fast and active exchange. We would recommend KuCoin over exchanges like Poloniex, Bittrex, HitBTC or Etherdelta. We think their interface works much easier and also has enough options if you would like to do day-trading and use technicals on the chart interface, something Bittrex, HitBTC, or Etherdelta lack. Tho the chart area could be upgraded a bit and don’t show purple indicators as default. KuCoin is fast, withdrawals and deposits are fast and cheap. Trading fees are good and you even get a discount when holding a bag of KuCoin Shares. All in all a good and trusted party to trade your cryptocurrencies.

  • Great interface
  • Lots of indicitors
  • Growing volume
  • A lot of trading pairs
  • New cryptos almost every day
  • KuCoin Shares
  • Great marketing
  • Fast Support

  • Growing volume
  • Sometimes the 2fa login does not work, you have to try 3 times.
  • Still a lot smaller then Big Brother Binance

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