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What is Experty?

The Experty project is a solution in the consultancy business. Experty is providing a platform where the knowledge provider is instantly available for the knowledge seeker. Basically like skype.

Imagine that you want to acquire knowledge about taxes regarding cryptocurrency. You can use the Experty platform and search for a professional, chat with him for a bit then start a conversation with the knowledge provider. The knowledge provider gets payed in the cryptocurrency token “EXY” and the Experty platform takes a small fee from the transaction. 

ICO summary:

Token: EXY


Hard cap: $ 9 Million or 33,000 ETH

Conversion rate: 1 ETH = 1,000 EXY

Max market cap at ICO: $27 Million

Bonus: PoC of 60% / 40% / 20 % and 10 %

Timeline: ICO begins on 25.01.2018 and ends in 25.02.2018

Token allocation:

The max amount of tokens that Experty sells is not small but also not big either. We see this as the sweet spot. It has a total token supply of 100 million where, 33% get vested for 3 years and 30% are locked for 18 months. So what does vested means? According to the whitepaper they are going to release, monthly beginning on 01/02/2018, 1/36 of the total EXY company tokens.

A quick recap:

  • 33M tokens are vested where starting in February approximately 1 M will be released every month.
  • 30M tokens are locked for 18 months
  • 1% to cover TGE costs
  • 3% Airdrops and bounties

So that leaves with approximately 30 million tokens to buy.

Experty Roadmap

The roadmap of experty looks very promising they released the alpha platform and the

As you can see above the team already released a working platform and Q1 2018 looks very promising.



Proof of Care:

Experty introduced the “Proof of Care” for the pre-ico. So what is this proof of care?
PoC is a way of introducing the Experty project amongst your peers and a way to earn more tokens during the pre-ICO. There are 3 tiers. Tier 1 (10%) is achieved by sharing the projects on multiple social media outlets (facebook, twitter etc), tier 2 (20-40%) is achieved by organising a meeting, blog post, video and so fort. And the last tier is a partnership tier where you need to generate alot of attention to get the big bonus (60%). It’s a great way to bring the project to the masses.


Experty on Social media:

As always we suggest you keep track of your projects on their social media outlets:

Experty ICO conclusion

The Experty ICO is getting alot of attention on different social media outlets due to the PoC. They have a working platform. They have a good team and a medium small to medium size token supply. If you guys are interested in the project or want to ask us additional questions, join our telegram group: one2crypto !

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