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ICO Review & Guide on Cappasity CAPP

In this ICO review we take a closer look to the CAPPASITY ICOYou can read our thoughts and we try to explain it in easier language than the whitepaper. We at One2Crypto do the research for you, so you can save time. This ICO is listed in our Top 4 February ICO.

ICO Score
90 %

What is Cappasity?

Target Market:   Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality / AI
Development Fase:   working product, fiat funded, expanding platform,  Howey Test score 20
HQ location: USA
Community interaction: High

Cappasity set its sights on developing tools to revolutionize AR/VR and 3D technologies and succeeded. Cappasity already introduced a professional 3D digitizing solution comprising:

• Easy 3D Scan® software, which generates a 3D image in two to three minutes and is capable of digitizing thousands of items per day.
• 3D View a new format, revolutionizing the concept of 3D digitizing.
• 3D Hologram – a new format, compatible with various AR/VR devices.
• API used for synchronization with product catalogs: We implement Cappasity tools for customers’ e-stores; Additionally, Cappasity tools show better
compatibility with various browsers than most comparable alternatives.
• Cappasity.AI to analyze customer interaction with 3D content and provide a customer interest heatmaps for each product.

The company’s timeline:

Artoken growth path

Cappasity is one of the front runners in making VR/AR the new standard both for retailers, marketeers and consumers. Their track record shows the team is able to produce useful products in a high end technology driven market. The Cappasity ambition fits its past and will really add value to the market:

By 2021 Mobile AR will be the leading force of the $108 billion AR/VR industry. However, there is still a lack of high quality 3D content preventing the massive expansion of AR/VR.
Our goal: to build #1 decentralized ecosystem that will connect creators with consumers and offer a collection of 3D designs easily accessible and copyright protected. As a step toward this goal we are launching Token sale.

Who is building Cappasity?

The Cappasity team an interesting team of experienced and domain focused members. In addition to this image the team has more than 9 other members.  Both the company and team members can be found on LinkedIn.

Artoken team

Cappasity has an Advisory consisting of a broad variety of knowledge, experience and (go-to-market) relations.

ArToken advisory


What is the Cappasity Roadmap?

The Cappasity Ecosystem economy is designed to be driven by the VR/AR market. Thus, their Marketplace is the key economic unit where goods turnover occurs. Using the VR/AR Marketplace, participants are free to rent, sell and buy AR/VR/3D content as well as released apps. Each content file is assigned with an ID or a hash to prevent any copyright infringement. All hashes of all the files are listed in the blockchain and cannot be changed.

The Marketplace platform will also provide VR/AR developers a SDK to:

• Integrate 3D content with third-party apps and SDKs

• Integrate 3D capturing with third-party mobile apps

• Access 3D content from AR/VR apps

The Cappasity roadmap shows a technical timeline of the developments on it’s core product. The company focusses on building the quality blocks first to then set up an very user friendly decentralised marketplace.

ArToken roadmap

Cappasity has come up with a very detailed Whitepaper. Providing you a clear image on the comany, the product and go-to-market strategy.

Read the Cappasity white paper. 

What is the Cappasity ICO about?

The Cappasity token (CAPP) will be issued as ERC-20 Ethereum token. All CAPP transactions will be handled by Ethereum blockchain and therefore approved by Ethereum miners. Smart contracts created for the Cappasity AR/VR Ecosystem is published on Cappasity GitHub profile.
Consumers of AR/VR/3D content will pay with CAPPs for the Ecosystem goods that content makers and developers offer for sale and rent.

Cappasity runs a 4 phase ICO process. They already finalised a presale in November followed with a public sale. Still leaving more than 40% of the Purchasers Tokens to be sold in phase 3 and 4.

Artoken distribution

Phase 2 presale:  February 22 – March 22 2018->  presale registration till 21 february 2018
Public sale:  March 22 2018
Hard cap: $47.5M
Token supply:  438,686,537 CAPP presale //   326,243,078 CAPP public sale  [ERC20]
Payment methods:      BTC  –  ETH
Minium:  45$
Locked up tokens:  (1/24)-th of the founders’ endowment for 2 years’ vesting with a 1 month cliff

Note:  ArTokens from phase 1 & 2 are already listed on the Cryptopia exchange. The price of the ArTokens for ICO phase 3 & 4 will be based on the price of the ArTokens on the exchange. It’s uncertain of this way of organising an ICO serves both Cappasity and the investors or mostly Cappasity itself.

How to participate in the Cappasity ICO?

In order to participate in the upcoming ICO phase 3 & 4 you will need to take the following steps.

1. Join the Cappasity online communities to be informed on the latest information.

Support Contact

● Twitter:

● Telegram:

2. Visit the website to sign up

Cappasity token sign up

Cappasity token sign up 2

3. Fill in your email & a password

Cappasity token sign up 3

4. You will receive an email from Cappasity. Click the link to activate your account.

Cappasity token sign up 4 confirmation

5. Log in to your account.

Cappasity token sign up log in

6. When you’re logged in,  add your ETH wallet (Enter or update your ERC-20 Compatible ETH Wallet to Receive Cappasity Tokens).

Cappasity token sign up eth wallet

7. Wait for the presale date. On the March 22 you can transfer BTC or ETH to your Cappasity wallet.


8. More updates, e-mails or announcements from Cappasity on the ICO process will be added here..

Cappasity Review Conclusion

The VR/AR market is expected to grow rapidly. More and more organisations will use it to target or entertain consumers with the new technology. Cappasity is in this field of experience for the past 4 years and has realised some relevant innovations. The team has the ability to develop the core product meanwhile they now how to do their marketing in cooperation with high level players in their business chain. Using the blockchain technology in its ecosystem is not really necessary but will add value to the proposition of being a trustworthy and effective marketplace for all stakeholders.
Even though Cappasity created it’s 700m ArTokens as a mean for its users to use the marketplace it is interesting to participate in the ICO as possible investment. But be aware of the fact that the upcoming ICO phase is a follow up and that the ArTokens already can be purchased via Cryptopia. Nevertheless 45% of the ArTokens will be offered in the upcoming ICO, providing you an opportunity to get in this high speed train.

ICO Score
90 %

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