In this ICO review we take a closer look on the ADAMANT ICO. You can read our findings and our thoughts based on their communication, white paper and the market. We at One2Crypto do the research for you, so you can save time. This ICO is listed in our Top 4 February ICO.

ICO Score
85 %

Adamant logo

What is ADAMANT?



Target Market:   Digital Communication, Anonymous messenger, Consumer & Business
Development Fase:   working minimal product, features to be added, ICO for funding go-to-market
HQ location: Russia
Community interaction: Medium

ADAMANT is a Blockchain-based system for data and message transfers along with an integrated payment system are providing a truly fundamental benefits for all-personal and business-like communications.

Adamant key elements


The ADAMANT team has done in depth research on the available messenger systems like Telegram, WhatsApp etc before they decided to create their truly anonymous messenger. As you can see in the table below you can see the many elements that are, or should be, part of a secure anonymous user friendly messenger. The table only shows the key players, the community manager told me the left out some other big players. But if you ask him he can explain the difference between every messenger and their product. Considering the market of messengers, the segment demanding truly communicate anonymous with ease is huge!

Adamant comparison

ADAMANT & Technology

ADAMANT is a fully decentralized system that is based on Delegated Proof-of-Stake Consensus (DPoS) algorithm. This choice was made in order to meet the following criteria:

● DPoS allows for any transaction to be reliably confirmed within the 5 second interval. This time is critical for fast messaging and payment execution;

● DPoS dramatically lowers the system maintenance cost — there is no need for vast computing powers and therefore — barbaric electricity waste, comparing to POW;

● Fixed transaction fees;

● Dignified system scalability and reliability factors.

Unfortunately all modern use cases of the Ethereum blockchain are not quite suitable for maintaining the ADAMANT network. This is determined by a relatively high value of “gas” (transactions’ fee), that is used for every Ethereum transaction, including all message transfers. This is why ADAMANT is built on an independent blockchain — hence the transactions’ costs could be low enough to operate the whole network and they could also be adjusted based on the future rising token price.

Moreover, Proof of Work technology in not suitable either, because its maintenance cost is high, and with the grow of participants’ amount the transactions’ fee is rising up quickly. Considering these reasons a program code of the Lisk project is being used for realization of the server part and the blockchain itself. This source code was extended in order to obtain the required functional.

The ADAMANT architecture is flexible enough for allowing us to make changes to transactions’ fee, if needed.

The fact that the team really took a in depth research in the technological base is a good sign the team is able to both think of the current requirements as well as of the features desired for the further development of its platform. Since the chosen technology and the way the product is set up the platform could be trusted/used by the whole world, which is a huge target market!


Who is behind ADAMANT?


The ADAMANT team consists of technical domain knowledge and business advisors. Some can be found on Linkedin. Leonid, Denis and Andrey are so to say the advisors and the other four are the daily creators of the product.

Adamant team

Some of the members are operators in the community channels like telegram and bitcointalk. During the time writing this review ADAMANT hired a community/marketing operator. The total team working on ADAMANT is said to be 20 member.
The team kept a focus on developing a working product, but since the start of the ICO they started reaching out to the media. With success:

Adamant media partners

ADAMANT Community & Contact

I check the ADAMANT Telegram, Facebooking, Github, Twitter and BitcoinTalk accounts. On every channel there is activity to be found. The team waited to reach out to media partners, probably one of the reasons the community of telegram is still quite small in numbers. Check them out yourselves:

● Website: https://adamant.im
● Block Explorer: https://explorer.adamant.im
● Source code at Github: https://github.com/Adamant-im
● Twitter: https://twitter.com/adamant_im
● Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/adamant.im
● Vkontakte: https://vk.com/adamant_im
● Slack: https://adamant-im.slack.com
● Telegram: https://t.me/adamant_im
● Bitcointalk.org ADAMANT Messenger thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2635564.0
● Bitcointalk.org ADAMANT Official Bounty Campaign thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2635646.0




The ADAMANT Messenger is already available for use at: https://msg.adamant.im  (IOS, Android, Desktop) By the moment of the Pre-ICO launch (12/14/2017) the ADAMANT system represents a fully functional product with the following features:

● Message transfer (ADAMANT Messenger); ● Tokens storage and transferring; ● Exploring the information about current blockchain state; ● A ready-to-scale full nodes infrastructure.

Adamant message

The nice thing of Adamant is that they focus on the product and a step-by-step approach on it’s development. Both for the product features as well as the go-to-market strategy they have a clear path figured out.

ADAMANT Messenger planned features:

● An internal address book; ● Blockchain-stored profiles and settings; ● Transferring tokens within the chat screen; ● Tokens transfer notification within the chat screen; ● Image transferring; ● Blockchain-stored document transfers ; ● Digital signing (approving) a document; ● Favorites for chats and messages; ● Search through contacts and messages; ● Simplified Sign-In using a pin-code; ● Chat hiding (closure); ● Group chats.Adamant roadmap

The white paper isn’t fancy filled with graphics but it definitely shows what you are looking for in a white paper. It states what choices the team has made, based on arguments and findings.

Read the Adamant white paper. 


What is the ADAMANT ICO about?


Adamant Token (ADM)

ADM is the ADAMANT token, which value is ensured by fee payments for message and data transfer. This payments is designed to fully cover all infrastructure cost dictated by the needs for anonymous and secure data transmission. ADAMANT Business Service also includes digital document signing (approving) features.

There is an additional ADM value that is produced through the distribution process of all remainings of the unsold tokens which were allocated for the ICO campaign. This process is named “ADAMANT Grows” and users that have enough ADM tokens within their wallet balances will receive proportionally monthly rewards for the approximate period of a one year after the ICO ends up.

Listing ADM tokens on cryptocurrency exchange markets After the ICO campaign end up the ADAMANT token (ADM) is going to be listed for free trading on the following cryptocurrency markets: Livecoin, Yobit, Liqui, Bittrex.

Adamant ICO process

Selling ADM tokens from genesis-block through the Pre-ICO and ICO campaigns is a planned measure aimed to support the whole range ADAMANT system growth by gathering the necessary investments for its further development process.

Public sale:  01/30/2018—03/30/2018 (no minimum)
Hard cap: $30,000,000
Token supply:  total 200.000.000 ADM

Try out the messenger, you will get 0.49 ADM just for signing up, and you can use 0.005 ADM to send me a message at “U4193899554190534540”.

Adamant token

All ADM tokens unsold in the fundraising campaigns (Pre-ICO and ICO) will be proportionally distributed between all existing owners (holders). By this measure we’re going to stimulate most holders to accumulate tokens to gain an additional growing interest (for the first year or two) and make a counterweight for the possible speculation moods when we first-hit the markets.

Adamant Ico fases

The provided information shows a product focused team trying to fund their ambitions. Surely 30$ M is a big sum for a messenger but imagine the global market they could capture. A minor issue is the fact that you will have to transfer your payment for the ICO via their messenger. Which is a fast process, but it doesn’t give a trustful feeling. Till now the team doesn’t share information on the status of the ICO and deadlines like the presale are not treated well; the website doesn’t show a closed presale .


ADAMANT Review Conclusion

The messenger market is booming. Even though there a many players there are still niches to be filled. For example the desire to truly communicate anonymous, for both consumers as well for businesses. In combination with the feature of transferring cryptocurrency within the same platform makes ADAMANT one of a kind. The product is already working and has a clear roadmap for futher technological development as well as the development of the user friendly features.

The team has the ability to develop the core product. Using the ICO to gain more traffic while developing multi lingual guides is a smart way of entering the market. Since the team is still somewhat a Russian man thing they could have many advantages when welcoming other nationalities, skills and backgrounds. Looking forward to see what the ICO  process will do to team, hopefully they stay focussed on building a working, secure and anonymous platform for this beautiful world we live in.

ICO Score
85 %


How to participate in the ADAMANT ICO?

We are currently creating a guide on how to participate on the ADAMANT ICO. A step by step guide to get in and transfer crypto’s to ADAMANT for ADM tokens. 

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