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Top 4 ICO – February 2018

After the success of 5 ICO’s to watch December and January  it’s time for the third version! Our ICO picks for february 2018! This time each ICO is from a different big crypto country!

Our top 4 is based on product phase, team, roadmap, strategy & growth potential. Each ICO has its own specifications, deadlines and token sales structure. Check this information in each ICO description below.



HQ location: Canada (registered in Switzerland)
Development Fase:  product of existing company Left, beta SDK, alpha pilots
ICO Starts:  15 February 2018    ->  KYC registration via Bitcoin Suisse
Hard cap: $30.000.000
Token supply:  129,498,559 MESH tokens  [ERC20]
Payment methods:      BTC  –  ETH – Fiat currencies


RightMesh has created a new technology platform and protocol for connecting users in an ad hoc wireless mesh network, and in so doing, creating new connectivity options and improved outcomes to billions of unconnected users around the world—all while providing a pathway to a new Internet for all. The fight for Net Neutrality is real. A decentralized mobile mesh networking platform, powered by blockchain technology and tokenization, can put the power of connectivity back into the hands of the people.

The world’s first software-based, ad hoc mobile mesh networking platform and protocol using blockchain technology and MESH tokens to power growth.

Core to the platform is an Ethereum account and identity layer that uniquely identifies every mesh node. In an off-the-grid mesh world, when linking multiple hotspots and networks together, traditional identity methods (IP addresses) will not work adequately. The network’s approach to mesh participation and activation solves this problem. RightMesh believes that when you combine blockchain-based technologies, token incentivization, and wireless mesh networks—you unleash the potential of technology and economic network effects and make a lasting difference on the world around you.

Android phones themselves form the infrastructure. Connectivity is achieved p2p with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi Direct, which are inherent in the phones. Our patent pending switching technology ensures data integrity.

When a client and hotspot node find each other, they form a new mesh for people to join and share, and it grows from there. Every mesh node has an Ethereum ID and account that provides a unique identity to other users. Mesh tokens transfer from content providers and between users to reward behavior and pay for goods and services essentially helping the network to grow and coverage to expand.

RightMesh tokens

The RightMesh network is powerful and reliable software solution that can be easily integrated into any application without additional infrastructure or hardware.

  • Brings connectivity to the last mile or operates with no internet access.
  • Self-forming, self-monitoring, and self-healing.
  • Uses the devices people already have (Android phones and IoT devices)
  • Uses Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi Direct inherent in phones.
  • Implements patent pending switching technology for routing and data integrity.
  • Integrates Ethereum blockchain to provide unique identities for each node.
  • Incentivizes usage and growth with MESH tokens.

Rightmesh concept

The RightMesh project started years ago when our team in Bangladesh began working on the first generation of the technology to solve their existing problems: the Internet was slow and overburdened. Today, More than 40 people are working full time on the RightMesh platform.

The RightMesh roadmap shows a well determined growth path for both the product development as well as the go-to-market strategy.

Rightmesh Roadmap

RightMesh provides detailed insights in the background of the organisation and the future it envisions itself.

Read the RightMesh white paper. 

Read the RightMesh technical paper. 

ICO Starts:  15 February 2018    ->  KYC registration via Bitcoin Suisse Hard cap: $30.000.000 Token supply:  129,498,559 MESH tokens Payment methods:      BTC  –  ETH – Fiat currencies

Phase 1 Public Pre-Contribution Period (20% bonus) February 15, 2018 – February 28, 2018 or until the Pre-Contribution hard cap is reached.

Phase 2 Crowd Contribution Period (no bonus) Start date will be announced on Telegram and Twitter following the closing of the Pre-Contribution Period.

The public allocation will require a minimum contribution of $1,000 USD equivalent. All contributions through BitcoinSuisse. You must pre-register at bitcoinsuisse.ch/rightmesh

RightMesh token allocation

The token allocation shows that mostly the existing team and partners will receive tokens. Unfortunately RightMesh does not provide detailed insight on how it will spend funds to realise its ambitions.

The RightMesh team shows a diverse group of people with a variety of skills. Most of them can be found on LinkedIn and are connected to the RightMesh company page.

RightMesh The RightMesh Team

RightMesh advisors

RightMesh partners

● Website:  https://www.rightmesh.io

● Developer Portal:  https://www.rightmesh.io/developers/

● Corporate Blog:   https://www.rightmesh.io/news/

● Twitter:  https://twitter.com/Right_Mesh

● Telegram:  https://twitter.com/Right_Mesh

● GitHub:   https://github.com/rightmesh

RightMesh Reviews

” Final Thoughts About RightMesh

From a technical standpoint, RightMesh is an innovative solution to connectivity that could very well revolutionize the way we think of data transfer. Instead of having to rely on centralized access points to networking, a decentralized mesh of constantly switching clients and hotspots could create large-scale networks independent of centralized access, especially in geographical settings that contain a large number of mobile devices.

Additionally, much needs to be said about RightMesh’s parent company, Left, as its status as a Certified B Corp indicates a strong dedication to the high social and environmental goals of B Lab. This makes us feel very confident in encouraging individuals interested in an eventual MESH token ICO to keep a close watch on RightMesh.”

by https://bitcoinexchangeguide.com/rightmesh/




HQ location: USA
Development Fase:   working product, fiat funded, expanding platform,  Howey Test score 20
Phase 2 presale:  February 22 – March 22 2018->  presale registration till 21 february 2018
Public sale:  March 22 2018
Hard cap: $47.5M
Token supply:  438,686,537 CAPP presale //   326,243,078 CAPP public sale  [ERC20]
Payment methods:      BTC  –  ETH

Decentralized AR/VR ecosystem for 3D content exchange

Cappasity set its sights on developing tools to revolutionize AR/VR and 3D technologies and succeeded. Cappasity already introduced a professional 3D digitizing solution comprising: • Easy 3D Scan® software, which generates a 3D image in two to three minutes and is capable of digitizing thousands of items per day. • 3D View a new format, revolutionizing the concept of 3D digitizing. • 3D Hologram – a new format, compatible with various AR/VR devices. • API used for synchronization with product catalogs: We implement Cappasity tools for customers’ e-stores; Additionally, Cappasity tools show better compatibility with various browsers than most comparable alternatives. • Cappasity.AI to analyze customer interaction with 3D content and provide a customer interest heatmaps for each product.

The company’s timeline:

Artoken growth path

The market:

Artoken market

The way Cappasity has translated it experience in the AR/VR market to a future proof concept for a big market is very well done.

The Capacity Ecosystem stakeholders, i.e. content creators, app developers, businesses and consumers, need to be ensured that their copyrights are respected. That’s why all content exchange details are immutably stored in the blockchain. These details form the record of transactions and the record of license if commercial rights’ transfer took place. Overall, the blockchain helps create a secure and convenient environment for 3D content production and mass distribution. Since high-quality and accessible content is the driving force behind the development of AR/VR technologies, Cappasity believes that the blockchain-based AR/VR Ecosystem will bring the AR/VR industry to a new level of its development.

ArToken intro

The Ecosystem economy is designed to be driven by the market. Thus, the Marketplace is the key economic unit where goods turnover occurs. Using the Marketplace, participants are free to rent, sell and buy AR/VR/3D content as well as released apps. Each content file is assigned with an ID or a hash to prevent any copyright infringement. All hashes of all the files are listed in the blockchain and cannot be changed.

The platform will provide developers with SDK to:

• Integrate 3D content with third-party apps and SDKs

• Integrate 3D capturing with third-party mobile apps

• Access 3D content from AR/VR apps

Cappasity Roadmap

The Cappasity roadmap shows a technical timeline of the developments on it’s core product. The company focusses on building the quality blocks first to then set up an very user friendly decentralised marketplace.

ArToken roadmap

Cappasity has come up with a very detailed Whitepaper. Providing you a clear image on the comany, the product and go-to-market strategy.

Read the Cappasity white paper. 

The Cappasity token (CAPP) will be issued as ERC-20 Ethereum token. All CAPP transactions will be handled by Ethereum blockchain and therefore approved by Ethereum miners. Smart contracts created for the Cappasity AR/VR Ecosystem is published on Cappasity GitHub profile. Consumers of AR/VR/3D content will pay with CAPPs for the Ecosystem goods that content makers and developers offer for sale and rent.

Cappasity runs a 4 phase ICO process. They already finalised a presale in November followed with a public sale. Still leaving more than 40% of the Purchasers Tokens to be sold in phase 3 and 4.

Artoken distribution

Phase 2 presale:  February 22 – March 22 2018->  presale registration till 21 february 2018 Public sale:  March 22 2018 Hard cap: $47.5M Token supply:  438,686,537 CAPP presale //   326,243,078 CAPP public sale Payment methods:      BTC  –  ETH

As you can see in the image above Cappasity locks 20% for founders and early contributors. 80% of the Token revenue is assigned to the growth of the product and market domination.

Already the Cappasity platform provides more than 700,000 views per month and we are working on new features and a mobile 3D-imaging app. Cappasity graduated from the Plug and Play Retail (Sunnyvale) Batch 7 accelerator. It was selected to join the Dec 2017 Batch of the Lafayette Plug and Play acceleration program in Paris and attracted $1.8m from VCs. We also host AR/VR/3D events in our office in Santa Clara inviting specialists from all kinds of industries including, of course, AR/VR and gaming. The events have grown very fast, attracting people from tech companies and VR startups.

The Cappasity team an interesting team of experienced and domain focused members. In addition to this image the team has more than 9 other members.  Both the company and team members can be found on LinkedIn.

Artoken team

Cappasity has an Advisory consisting of a broad variety of knowledge, experience and (go-to-market) relations.

ArToken advisory

Cappasity can be found on many social channels. They provide up-date information and respond to the community.

Support Contact support@cappasity.com

● Website:  https://artoken.io

● Twitter:  https://twitter.com/cappasity

● Telegram:  https://t.me/artoken

● GitHub:   https://github.com/CappasityTech

Review on Cappasity

by icorating.com

“We did not identify specific risks that could significantly affect the successful implementation of the Cappasity project. The project is detailed, based on an already existing platform, and the team has sufficient professional experience and an excellent understanding of the market. Moreover, the company will conduct one of the first regulated ICOs in full compliance with the rules of SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States).

As a result, we recommend buying Cappasity project tokens for investors creating long-term portfolios, as well as for investors counting on speculative price growth.”




HQ location: HongKong China (registered in Delaware USA)
Development Fase:  technical paper to be released, no MVP, fantasy or future?
Public sale:  Feb 3, 2018, 7 pm CST  -> KYC mandetory
Hard cap: 37500 ETH + 6M CMT (approx. $39 m)
Token supply:  186,000,000 ABT  [ERC20]
Payment methods:      Ethereum / Cybermiles

ArcBlock aims to build a scalable, extensible, and easy-to-use platform for building and deploying decentralized blockchain applications.

ArcBlock is an open source protocol that provides an abstract layer for accessing underlying blockchains, enabling your application to work on different blockchains.

ArcBlock’s primary goal is to remove the barriers that have slowed blockchain adoption among the general public. The team is also passionate about developing unique approaches that will significantly advance blockchain development. ArcBlock is essentially a computing platform for building and deploying blockchain applications for many other blockchain technologies. ArcBlock itself is powered by a built-in blockchain technology.

ArcBlock market compare

ArcBlock is an interesting solution for the limits of the current use of some blockchain technologies. It’s concept may be compared with EOS. Unfortunately the ArcBlock solution won’t be open source. The company aims to create a software to be sold to the market.

ArcBlock is a platform service, rather than a standalone software package or set of APIs. ArcBlock is a comprehensive solution that combines blockchain technology with Cloud Computing. ArcBlock is an incentive-driven marketplace for reusable services, components, and even applications.

ArcBlock concept

ArcBlock’s introduction of the Open Chain Access Protocol enabled open connectivity over multiple blockchain protocols. Developers now have the freedom to evaluate blockchain protocols, and even switch back and forth between them.

Blocklet is another revolutionary component that takes advantage of the latest microservice architecture and serverless computing technology.

ArcBlock also builds a distributed messaging system supports pub/sub and acts as an API gateway for Blocklets. ArcBlock’s gateway uses a decentralized design and secure communication channels. Your applications will run in both web browsers and mobile apps, giving users reactive, real-time experiences.

Even though ArcBlock is not an open source project, ArcBlock is built with open standards. We’re trying our best not to reinvent the wheel and to build for the application developer’s wants and needs. In addition to open sourcing our core components, we will also actively contribute to a variety of blockchain technology communities.

The ArcBlock roadmap shows the product started to get shape in the past few months. A complex product that still needs to be tested and has a dependency on other parties.

ArcBlock Roadmap

The whitepaper explains the product proposition. Information on the team, in depth technical analyses and the go-to-market strategy can’t be found.

Read the ArcBlocky white paper. 

ArcBlock Token

The ABT is a utility token for paying the cost associated with using the service. The ABT’s basic utility value is to pay for the cost of using the ArcBlock system. People who contributed resources or services (“Miners”) to the platform will be rewarded with tokens.

ArcBlock token

Considering the ambitions of ArcBlock the token supply is limited. A big stake will be assigned to Team, Marketing and Community (55%). Unfortunately ArcBlock doesn’t provide in depth information on how it will allocate it funds to hardware and overhead costs. The fact that you can only buy ABT tokens with ETH/CMT is a pity as well a questionable choice.

ArcBlock ICO

Public sale:  Feb 3, 2018, 7 pm CST  -> KYC mandetory Hard cap: 37500 ETH + 6M CMT (approx. $39 m) Token supply:  186,000,000 ABT  [ERC20] Payment methods:      Ethereum / Cybermiles

For users using ETH, the minimum is 0.1 ETH and the maximum is 50 ETH.

For users using CMT, the minimum is 200 CMT and the maximum is 150,000 CMT.

ArcBlock Team

ArcBlock team

ArcBlock Advisors

Arcblock advisors

ArcBlock Partners

ArcBlock partners

ArcBlock says it is keeping its development team out of the media so they won’t be distracted. To trust on this statement might be risky. Certainly since the listed members are not all to be found or providing the (right) information on their social media accounts.  

ArcBlock can be found on many social channels. Unfortunately they won’t answer all questions asked in community groups and the moderators are not listed on their website. Even though the community groups are huge!

Telegram: https://t.me/ArcBlock

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/arcblock.io/

Email: support@arcblock.io

● GitHub:   no account

Review on ArcBlock

by iseeos stemt

ArcBlock review




HQ location: Russia
Development Fase:  working minimal product, features to be added, ICO for funding go-to-market
Public sale:  01/30/2018—03/30/2018
Hard cap: $30,000,000
Token supply:  total 200.000.000 ADM

ADAMANT is a Blockchain-based system for data and message transfers along with an integrated payment system are providing a truly fundamental benefits for all-personal and business-like communications.

Adamant vs other messenger systems

Adamant comparison ADAMANT for individuals — is a Blockchain messenger available from any device. An unsurpassed anonymity and data protection, usability and integrated payment system.

ADAMANT Business — is a corporate system for data and message transfers with an ability to digitally-sign documents and an integrated payment system that allows a company to reduce its internal transactional costs.

Even tough the marketing of Adamant team is on a low level, it’s proposition is quite interesting. They focus on the product and a niche market.

This ICO is not only promises, ADAMANT has already a working product! The ADAMANT Messenger is already available for use at: https://msg.adamant.im  (IOS, Android, Desktop) By the moment of the Pre-ICO launch (12/14/2017) the ADAMANT system represents a fully functional product with the following features:

● Message transfer (ADAMANT Messenger); ● Tokens storage and transferring; ● Exploring the information about current blockchain state; ● A ready-to-scale full nodes infrastructure.

Adamant message

ADAMANT is a fully decentralized system that is based on Delegated Proof-of-Stake Consensus (DPoS) algorithm. This choice was made in order to meet the following criteria:

● DPoS allows for any transaction to be reliably confirmed within the 5 second interval. This time is critical for fast messaging and payment execution;

● DPoS dramatically lowers the system maintenance cost — there is no need for vast computing powers and therefore — barbaric electricity waste, comparing to POW;

● Fixed transaction fees;

● Dignified system scalability and reliability factors.

ADAMANT system consists of two types of nodes: 1. Full nodes that contain the entire blockchain database and which can participate in new blocks forging. 2. And light-clients which run full data encryption on their side before further transferring to the blockchain. However all blockchain operations are carried out by the full nodes, with which light-clients interconnect through the HTTPS protocol (End-to-End encryption), using a certain API to transfer all their data in JSON format.

Adamant tech

Unfortunately all modern use cases of the Ethereum blockchain are not quite suitable for maintaining the ADAMANT network. This is determined by a relatively high value of “gas” (transactions’ fee), that is used for every Ethereum transaction, including all message transfers. This is why ADAMANT is built on an independent blockchain — hence the transactions’ costs could be low enough to operate the whole network and they could also be adjusted based on the future rising token price.

Moreover, Proof of Work technology in not suitable either, because its maintenance cost is high, and with the grow of participants’ amount the transactions’ fee is rising up quickly. Considering these reasons a program code of the Lisk project is being used for realization of the server part and the blockchain itself. This source code was extended in order to obtain the required functional.

The ADAMANT architecture is flexible enough for allowing us to make changes to transactions’ fee, if needed.

Adamant Roadmap

The nice thing of Adamant is that they focus on the product and a step-by-step approach on it’s development. Both for the product features as well as the go-to-market strategy they have a clear path figured out.

ADAMANT Messenger planned features:  ● An internal address book; ● Blockchain-stored profiles and settings; ● Transferring tokens within the chat screen; ● Tokens transfer notification within the chat screen; ● Image transferring; ● Blockchain-stored document transfers ; ● Digital signing (approving) a document; ● Favorites for chats and messages; ● Search through contacts and messages; ● Simplified Sign-In using a pin-code; ● Chat hiding (closure); ● Group chats.

Adamant roadmap

The white paper isn’t fancy filled with graphics but it definitely shows what you are looking for in a white paper. It states what choices the team has made, based on arguments and findings.

Read the Adamant white paper. 

Adamant Token (ADM)

ADM is the ADAMANT token, which value is ensured by fee payments for message and data transfer. This payments is designed to fully cover all infrastructure cost dictated by the needs for anonymous and secure data transmission. ADAMANT Business Service also includes digital document signing (approving) features.

There is an additional ADM value that is produced through the distribution process of all remainings of the unsold tokens which were allocated for the ICO campaign. This process is named “ADAMANT Grows” and users that have enough ADM tokens within their wallet balances will receive proportionally monthly rewards for the approximate period of a one year after the ICO ends up.

Listing ADM tokens on cryptocurrency exchange markets After the ICO campaign end up the ADAMANT token (ADM) is going to be listed for free trading on the following cryptocurrency markets: Livecoin, Yobit, Liqui, Bittrex.

Adamant ICO process

Selling ADM tokens from genesis-block through the Pre-ICO and ICO campaigns is a planned measure aimed to support the whole range ADAMANT system growth by gathering the necessary investments for its further development process.

Public sale:  01/30/2018—03/30/2018 (no minimum) Hard cap: $30,000,000 Token supply:  total 200.000.000 ADM Payment methods:      ETH, BTC, BCH, DASH, DOGE, LTC, XMR, NEM, ETC, ZEC, WAVES, LSK, REP, GNO, ICN, MCO, ANT, CVC, EOS, DNT, OMG, DCR

Try out the messenger, you will get 0.49 ADM just for signing up, and you can use 0.005 ADM to send me a message at “U4193899554190534540”.

Adamant token

All ADM tokens unsold in the fundraising campaigns (Pre-ICO and ICO) will be proportionally distributed between all existing owners (holders). By this measure we’re going to stimulate most holders to accumulate tokens to gain an additional growing interest (for the first year or two) and make a counterweight for the possible speculation moods when we first-hit the markets.

The provided information shows a product focused team trying to fund their ambitions. Surely 30$ M is a big sum for a messenger but imagine the global market they could capture. A minor issue is the fact that you will have to transfer your payment for the ICO via their messenger. Which is a fast process, but it doesn’t give a trustful feeling. Till now the team doesn’t share information on the status of the ICO and deadlines like the presale are not treated well; the website doesn’t show a closed presale .

Adamant Team

Adamant team

The ADAMANT  team consists of technical domain knowledge and business advisors. Some can be found on Linkedin. The members are operators in the community channels like telegram and bitcointalk.


By www.crypto-news.net

“Every message sent through the service has a token cost attached to it. 0.005 ADM to be precise. Personally, I think it is a fair price to pay for sending a completely encrypted, secure, and untrackable message. The token uses a DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) system to generate new tokens and they have the entire scheme outlined in their whitepaper. It is certainly something new to the instant messaging market, but to be honest this app is not made for just anybody. It’s made for the 1%, the people that have secrets they want to hide, and those that are in need of a secure way to communicate.”

We left out SQUEEZER.IO as the number 5 ICO to watch. An interesting ICO that could get a big hype wave, but unfortunately it is till now lacking in community interaction.

In order to provide correct information on this cryptocurrency most of the content comes directly from the particular cryptocurrency. Source:  https://adamant.im |  https://artoken.io  |  https://rightmesh.io   | https://www.arcblock.io  |  https://squeezer.io

Note:  Investing in an ICO has risks.  The listed ICO’s are not an investment advice. Although these ICO’s  match our own criteria, we have picked them based on desk research and after comparison with other ICO’s. New to ICO’s? Please read our article on ICO’s first.

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