Undervalued cryptocurrencies for January 2018

In this article we list 3 different cryptocurrencies that we think are undervalued and still have a small market cap. These cryptocurrencies have great use cases and might get big in the future. We are really fond of those three projects. We listed one privacy coin, and two modular blockchain enterprise solution coins.

1. Phore (PHR)

phore cryptocurrency undervalued

This undervalued cryptocurrency Phore is a a privacy coin that is forked of PIVX. The good thing about Phore is that it uses masternodes and proof of stake to secure its network. Tho for a masternode you need quite a significant number of PHR. 10.000 PHR for a masternode that puts the Masternode investment at around $60.000 investment. Right now the masternode reward is around 500 PHR per month and at the current prices that is pretty significant and you can get at ROI in 20 months at the current price. If you cant afford a masternode you can still stake your coins to get some reward.

Since it is a fork of PIVX which is in our opinion one of the best privacy coins out there it remains lots of PIVX their features. The roadmap looks really solid and with a market cap of just 50 million and a supply of only 11 million we think this is a no brainer to get some juicy profits.

You can buy Phore on Cryptopia

2. Lamden (TAU)

lamden undervalued cryptocurrency


This undervalued cryptocurrency Lamden was on our radar for some time already. Right now it is only being traded on Etherdelta which in our eyes is a terrible exchange. Tho you have to use it sometimes to get in early on the pearls in cryptospace.

Lamden focusses on the same market as NULS does. It makes it easier for people with not crazy-ass-insane-coding-skills to build your own blockchain. The goal from Lamden is to just reduce the time to develop new blockchains. Their team looks solid and with a low market cap it is also a no brainer.

You can buy Lamden on Etherdelta


nuls undervalued cryptocurrency


We wrote about this undervalued cryptocurrency NULS before in our top pick article of January. NULS is going to release their yellow paper on the 19th of January. We think that with the Yellow paper being released this might create some FOMO. NULS their community is growing quickly. NULS Focusses on creating a modular blockchain for enterprise solutions. We are really fond of this project and will keep it deeply in our wallets to fill our pockets later. NULS will add masternodes after they release their mainnet in March 2018.

Currently NULS only has a market cap of around $150 million and we expect it to reach a billion $ before q2.

You can buy NULS on KuCoin or Binance

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